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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Bush goes to the "Bench" in the late innings

Power Line posted a wonderful surprise for me. Johnny Bench introduced the Prez. at a Cincinnati rally today. On the surface, no big deal...although I'm sure some of the constituency remembers well, the days of "The Big Red Machine."

What isn't common knowledge is that Bench is an excellent public speaker and makes his cash these days doing motivational speaking. I had the pleasure of catching him at Marco Island about 4 years ago...and the guy is one hell of a story teller, and orator. Here's hoping he is doing more than just a little intro...Bench knows how to control the field...then and now. Incidentally, Bench did a little "stumping" for Reagan back in 1984. Thanks for the post PL...made my day.


Video ass kickin'

A little Liberal ass kickin' video from yours truly...
Windows Media file (2.5 Mgs)
A product of Idiot Croissant Productions..Enjoy
Not a bad way to vent...


Saturday, October 30, 2004

Remember this guy?

Four years ago, a "conscientious" Maine attorney finagled legal records (for which he had no ethical access) from a Maine Court. The records revealed an age old DWI of President Bush. And, of course, the media had a field day deluging the nation with the revelation days before the election.

What happened to good ole' Tom Connolly, the attorney of such conscience? Well, I think maybe Ole Tom has been taking into many paint fumes...

He shows up at busy intersections and roads from Portland to Calais, wearing a George W. Bush mask and dancing a herky-jerky jig as he entertains motorists and draws attention to his anti-Republican message.

The dance is the "Wiener Boy Shuffle" (W is for Wiener), and the man behind the mask is none other than Tom Connolly, the lawyer who made Bush's drunken driving conviction public before the 2000 election.
Saturday, October 30, 2004 Masked crusader takes politics on the road By RYAN LENZ, Associated Press

You'll note that it is an AP Wire piece...Even the local paper didn't give this nut the time of day...But, the AP couldn't resist.

The goal of his Bush-meets-the-Three Stooges shtick is to get the president's supporters to think about their choice, even if that reaction is a motorist's outstretched middle finger, Connolly said.

Ooooookay....Well, we know that the women voters won't be able to relate...Everyone knows that The Three Stooges is a guy thing...


Friday, October 29, 2004

60 Minutes at it again...

The al Qaqaa explosives story...ahem...blows up in their faces. Rathergate (60 Minutes II)...ahem...forges a stream of iniquity...So, what's a partisan news hour to do? Well, if at first you don't succeed try try TRY AGAIN.

The New York Post gave the first heads up on a segment added to Sunday's 60 Minutes.

Also yesterday, CBS, which had planned to break the explosives story on "60 Minutes" on Sunday — 36 hours before the election — said it now plans to run a story on the show charging that U.S. troops were sent to Iraq without proper body armor because of Bush's tax cuts, a charge often leveled by Kerry.

last paragraph

If you check out the 60 Minutes site you can check out their segments in the Scoops section. However, you can, also, see that Steve Kroft was already doing a story on Jon Stewart before they added the most recent Kerry booster story.

The new segement is:
60 Minutes:HARM'S WAY: Even though roadside explosive devices account for half of all the war's U.S. casualties, soldiers are still getting killed and wounded by them because the Pentagon hasn't provided enough fully-armored vehicles to protect them. Steve Kroft reports.

Two stories, one reporter...not likely on 60 Minutes...More than likely, Harm's Way is a late entry due to the al Qaqaa screw up. Why not a nice story on puppies? Because, that wouldn't help Kerry defeat Bush.

Compare the 60 Minutes teaser to Kerry's comments from Debate #1:

"I've met kids in Ohio, parents in Wisconsin, places, Iowa, where they're going out on the Internet to get the state-of-the-art body gear to send to their kids. Some of them got them for birthday presents. I think that's wrong. Humvees, 10,000 out of 12,000 Humvees that are over there aren't armored. And you go visit some of those kids in the hospitals today who were maimed because they don't have the armament.

This president just, I don't know if he sees what's really happening there. But it's getting worse by the day. More soldiers killed in June than before. More in July than June. More in August than July. More in September than in August. "

Not much left to the imagination. The 60 Minutes teaser plays like a Kerry stump speech. And while 60 Minutes scrambles to get an anti-Bush piece on before Nov. 2nd (any piece at all), ABC News was holding back a tape of the "American Terrorist" that played right into Bush's campaign position on National Security.

As put out by Drudge:
One ABC source, who demanded anonymity, said Thursday morning, the network was struggling to find a correct journalistic "balance."

"This is not something you just throw out there while people are voting," the ABC source explained.

My guess is that 60 Minutes will try to tie in another NY Times story and focus on the 343rd Quartermaster Company which refused a mission (allegedly due to poor equipment). Look to see if contributing journalists are listed; such as NEELA BANERJEE AND ARIEL HART; MONICA DAVEY as well as RICHARD A. OPPEL JR. AND DEXTER FILKINS FROM BAGHDAD.

Those stories and Andy 60 Minutes...which I have yet to see listed as a soft money contribution on Open Secrets


Clinton's visions of the non-future...

From USA TODAY (10/29/04)

Clinton describes near-death experience: Former president Bill Clinton says that during his heart operation last month, he had visions of life and death, mingled with images of his wife and daughter. “I saw, like, dark masks crushing, like, death masks being crushed, in series, and then I'd see these great circles of light and then, like, Hillary's picture or Chelsea's face would appear on the light, and then they'd fly off into the dark,” Clinton said in an interview on ABC's Primetime Live. Clinton rejoined the campaign trail this week promoting presidential nominee John Kerry and other Democratic candidates. Posted at 6:34 a.m. ET.

Too easy...


Thursday, October 28, 2004

Over at

I really enjoy "Overlawyered"...always some great insight. Check the link out to some good stuff showing the legalnastics behind the Sinclair Broadcasting pressure by the Democrats and their hired guns

Added bonus: Nader's opinion of John Edwards...the term "sniveling coward" makes an appearance, and they aren't even referring to Mark Dayton...Check it...

The campaign: new at Point of Law (Overlawyered)


Birthday a hot chick

Happy Birthday to a statuesque lady with nice calves and a weird taste in sandals....

On October 28th, 1886 the Statue of Liberty is formally dedicated by American president Grover Cleveland.


Raise a Glass

On October 28, 1919, Congress passed the Volstead Act providing for enforcement of the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution, ratified nine months earlier. Known as the Prohibition Amendment, it prohibited the "manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors" in the United States.



Vintage Kerry on Iraq

More fun from the Wayback Machine Mr. Peabody. Since not much attention was paid to the Democratic Primary Debates it's kind of entertaining to go back and see what was said in New York. At that point it was down to four candidates...and Kerry's best challenge was lowly John Edwards.

This snip is in reference to transferring of authority back to Iraq. Kerry's answer is vintage. (Is that a yes or a no? Obviously...). Definitely Kerry. He never answered the question.

Q. I'll ask you and then I'll ask the Reverend Sharpton. As you know, Iraq is to begin ruling itself on June 30 when the U.S. is transferring authority. Now, there's a lot of people in Washington and Baghdad who are saying this is a completely set on a political timetable at the convenience for President Bush. Should we put off the June 30 transfer? Short answer.

MR. KERRY. I think the transfer should depend entirely on the ability to guarantee a stable Iraq. It should not be set arbitrarily, certainly not by an election date. What is critical is that you have -

Q. Is that a yes or a no?
MR. KERRY. Obviously.

Q. It's a what?

MR. KERRY. You should put it off it it's needed to be put off. If it's not - I mean, look, if the date works, terrific. But the test is not a date; the test is the stability and viability of Iraq.


Mr. Kerry, are you a LIBERAL?

I always get a kick out of this snip from the New York Democratic Primary debate. This section deals with a rather surprising question... "Mr. Kerry, are you a liberal?"

He never answers the question. Neither does John Edwards. However, the most entertaining aspect of his answer is that he qualifies his voting record by implying it was skewed....(wait for it).......because, he only voted 37 of the 62 times. That's right, he rationalizes his #1 Liberal Senator rating based on his poor attendance and failure to attend to his Senatorial obligations. He further rationalizes that the Senior's Bill and the Tax Cuts were just bad legislation and had nothing to do with being liberal. Ummmm, John, that's being liberal. You don't just join an ideology by buying the T-shirt.

Q. Can I just change the topic for a minute? Just ask a plain political question? The National Journal, a respected nonideologic publication covering Congress as you both know, has just rated you, Senator Kerry, No. 1, the most liberal senator in the Senate. You're No. 4. How can you hope to win with this kind of characterization in this climate?

MR. KERRY. Because it's a laughable characterization. It's absolutely the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life.

Q. Are you a liberal?

MR. KERRY. Let me just go to -
Q. Are you a liberal?

MR. KERRY. Please, come to the characterization. I mean, look, labels are so silly in American politics. I was one of the first Democrats in the United States Senate in 1985 to join with Fritz Hollings in deficit reduction. Now does that make me a conservative? I fought to put 100,000 police officers in the streets of America. Am I a conservative?

Q. But Senator Kerry, the question is -

MR. KERRY. Just a minute. You don't let us finish answering questions.

Q. You're in New York.

MR. KERRY. Well, I'm going to fight for it. That's exactly what I'm going to do, I'm going to fight for it. Do you know what they measured in that? First of all, they measured 62 votes. I've voted 37 times. Twenty-five votes they didn't even count because I wasn't there to vote for them. Secondly. Secondly. They counted my voting against the Medicare bill, which is a terrible bill for seniors in America, they call that being liberal. Lots of conservatives voted against that. In addition, they counted my voting against George Bush's tax cut that we can't afford. I thought it was fiscally conservative to vote against George Bush's tax cut. They call it liberal.

Q. Is this a helpful characterization in this campaign?

MR. KERRY. I think it's the silliest thing I've ever heard of.

Q. Senator Edwards?

MR. EDWARDS. May I respond just to this question, Dan.

Q. Sure.

MR. EDWARDS. Because all three have -

Q. I'm coming to you. Are you a liberal?

MR. EDWARDS. I don't believe anybody, this is actually a subject that John and I agree about, I don't think anybody in American cares about what some inside-Washington publication says about your ideology. What they care about is what are your values. Where do you come from? What do you believe in? And who are you fighting for? And do you understand the real world and the problems that people face every day in their life? That's what the people of the United States are looking for in a president. This president does not understand what's going on in people's lives. He is completely out of touch. I wish he would do one day what the four of us do every single day, which is go out, campaign, conduct town hall meetings. Not ticketed events. Not where you make people pay $2,000 to get in the door. But actual real people and listening to what their problems are. This president does not know what's going on in the real world.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Nothing more to say...


Monday, October 25, 2004

USA TODAY is a flat out riot...

Weekly Reader poll...blah blah blah....Kids pick Bush in a landslide...blah blah blah...Just another one of those little fillers that teaches our progeny about current affairs. Nice fuzzy stuff for the Life Section of USA TODAY.

However, USA TODAY is so nonchalant about neutralizing any good news for Bush that they actually throw in a qualifier to, I don't know, keep the results of this Weekly Reader poll from adding any undue momentum to the Bush Campaign...

But even a sample size of more than a quarter-million students is "irrelevant," says Frank Newport of the Gallup Poll. He says polls must be truly random to be accurate.

Absolutely hilariously...sad.



Overlook Kerry's mother's message to him from her hospital bed (overlook, also, that Lexis/Nexis shows her passing away in her home, not the hospital)...It would appear as if Joel Mowbray of the Washington Times has shown that John Kerry never met with the Security Council...Security Council members deny meeting Kerry


KERRY: I will explain. Let me explain to you very specifically.

Thanks to some friends in New York, I was invited to come up and meet with the Security Council in the week prior to the vote, and I wanted to do that, because I valued my vote. And I wanted to know what the real readiness and willingness of our partners was to take this seriously.

So I sat with the French and British, Germans, with the entire Security Council, and we spent a couple of hours talking about what they saw as the path to a united front in order to be able to deal with Saddam Hussein.

Now at the time, they were pushing for a second vote. But there was a way through that path, in my judgment, with patience and maturity and a readiness and a willingness to be serious. I don't think it took a lot of skill or analysis to understand that the politics of their populations at that time were not ready to move. And any president ought to understand the politics of other people's electorates, as you try to define how you get from here to there, which is the art of diplomacy.

Now I think patience could have said to the French or the Germans, "Okay, what do you need? What proof do you want? How long do we have to inspect? All right. Let's do that openly for the next month. We'll come back to the Security Council, and at that point, would you be ready?"
Speaker: Senator John Kerry, D-Mass.; Democratic Candidate for President
Presider: Peter G. Peterson, Chair, The Blackstone Group
Campaign 2004 at the Council on Foreign Relations
New York, New York
Wednesday, December 3, 2003

And, then again....(Aug 5th Unity Conference)

And I believe we need a commander in chief who understands the test before you send young people to war. You got to be able to look parents in the eyes if they lose their son or daughter and say to them, "I tried to do everything in my power to avoid this, but we had no choice as a nation, as a people, because of the challenge to our country, to our fundamental values from a threat that was real and imminent."

I believe in my heart of hearts and in my gut that this president fails that test in Iraq. And I know this because I, personally, and others were deeply involved in the effort with other countries to bring them to the table. I met with the Security Council of the United Nations in the week preceding the vote in the Senate.

I voted to hold Saddam Hussein accountable, because, had I been president, I would have wanted that authority, because that was the way to enforce the U.N. resolutions and be tough with the prospect of his development of weapons of mass destruction. But the president said he would go to war as a last resort. The president said he would exhaust the remedies of the U.N. The president said he would build a legitimate international coalition.
DARYN KAGAN, CNN ANCHOR: We want to go from there to another part of Washington, D.C. and President Bush's challenger, Senator John Kerry speaking today at something called the Unity Conference

I suppose it's not the outright lying of the Kerry Campaign on this issue that bothers me the most...(although that is a factor). The real treasure is that Kerry uses this imaginary meeting with the Security Council to form his Iraq position(s). First he alleges that Bush did not make every effort to understand the Iraq issues...and in the next breath qualifies his own varied position(s) by using the UN Security Council hallucination as a cornerstone in his allegiance to truth. And, at the Unity Conference tries to invoke the support (or more aptly cultivate a dislike for Bush) of parents of soldiers basing it on his belief that Bush didn't exhaust his efforts in dealing with the Kerry did...or didn't..

One savvy investigative journalist, and Kerry falls on his face but again. And, as an added bonus, he puts the UN Security Council in a, somewhat, compromising position. Played properly throughout the week, and on the Talking Head shows...this is a piercing arrow since the theme of the Kerry stump speeches seems to be "Truthfulness."


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Margolis on a Mission (but not allowed to play)

It's amusing to serve as spectator to the absolute vitiol frustration and helplessness dripping off the foreign media as they contemplate the reality of a Bush extension. Obviously, The Guardian leads the charge. But, I want to party with this Canuck. He's the latest to dream of World inclusion within the US election:

Non-Americans dread Bush--10/24/04 Eric Margolis

(snip) More educated Americans back Kerry, while Bush speaks for those who love his folksy ways, mangled English, jingoism and religious pretensions.

However, a president who says he communicates with God regularly and claims to be on a "divine mission" makes the world very uneasy.

Who will the Lord order Bush to "liberate" next? Iran and Syria? Sinful France, with its cigarettes, wine and wild sex? Lefty Canadians with all that water and oil? Or the Chinese, who reject Christian values and work too cheap?

Add to the Bush vote the 20% of Americans who believe Elvis is still alive, and you end up with an unbeatable majority.

You can say one thing about elections such as ours...You sure get to see the true colors of the over-generalizing, non-fact checking, suspect source quoting, socialist loving, religion denigrating, fallacy propigating, pseudo-intellectual, self-promoting nose pickers...Too bad eh?


Hilarious !!!

Some enterprising young Thune supporters pose with Tommy while we get a peek at "Get rid of STD." That would be short for "Get rid of Senator Tom Daschle."


Hat tip to Daschle v. Thune site


Saturday, October 23, 2004

Bush likely to promote from within if reelected

Bush likely to promote from within if reelected
By Alexis Simendinger,
National Journal
October 22, 2004

If George W. Bush is re-elected after touting the steadiness and wisdom of his policies and the talents of his loyal subordinates during his first four years, why would he change his Cabinet by Inauguration Day? The conventional wisdom is that he won't seek a dramatic shake-up but instead might find himself promoting junior-grade officers to fill vacancies around his table.

I was never a fan of Andy Card. I'm still not. However, he makes some interesting quotes in this lonnnnng piece that might shed some light. My guess is that Rumsfeld will step down (in his own time). I'm thinking that some no nonsense personnel changes on the domestic front will link to a strong push to privatize a huge number of Government jobs (all the way down to the guy who cuts the grass around the Relecting Ponds). Rumor has it that Grover Norquist his being kept around for just such an endeavor. The Unions are desperate in this election for that very reason. They'd hate to see a huge chunk of their $8Billion in member fees disappear. All in all, I don't see many senior level office holders moving on.


Survivors of Sept. 11 Victims Compete for Benefits

A little twist in the battle for benefits by 9/11 survivors. Apparently, St. 4 of New York's Workers' Compensation Law was enacted to provide Domestic Partners the same benefits as traditionally married couples...What the Legislature failed to take into account was human nature (read: Greed)...and plaintiff attorneys. So, in the effort to afford the same benefits to same sex partners...they opened up the door to split the benefits with all sorts of domestic relationships. For example:

Survivors of Sept. 11 Victims Compete for Benefits
Mark Fass
New York Law Journal


In passing the law, state legislators believed it would only be relevant for gay partnerships, said Grey of Grey & Grey in Farmingdale, N.Y.

"They had no clue that heterosexual people that had children by one marriage and lived with a boyfriend or girlfriend would qualify under this statute," he said.

Therefore, the law failed to address issues involving remarriage and children, and domestic partners' benefits came into direct competition with surviving children's benefits, Grey said.

Grey represents the daughter of Paul Innella, a systems analyst who was among the 658 Cantor Fitzgerald employees killed at the World Trade Center. In addition to his daughter, Victoria, his survivors included his ex-wife, Victoria's mother; and his fiancee, Lucy Aita.

On July 18, 2002, the Workers' Compensation Board issued an administrative decision awarding Victoria the maximum death benefits, a weekly award of $400 plus a retroactive payment of $17,360.

Five days later, Aita filed an appeal of the decision that resulted in reducing Victoria's weekly award from $400 to $180. The same ruling awarded Aita $220 per week. (Memorandum of Board Panel Decision, R.12-16).

The appellant's brief argues, among other things, that the provision for domestic partners denies equal protection of the law to the children of Sept. 11 victims.

They should have entitled the article "No Clue." That's exactly how the NY Legislature could be described in failing to understand the concept of "bad law."


Friday, October 22, 2004

Canada checks in...

Letter to the editor in today's USA TODAY (redundant):

High health costs

Dear Editor:

As a Canadian, I feel sorry that Americans have to pay more for their drugs, and I am not against U.S. seniors coming to Canada to buy cheaper drugs ("Canadians call on Ottawa to ban cross-border drug shopping," Money, Tuesday).

I do wish, though, they'd deposit their savings in my bank account to help defray my high taxes.

These taxes are used by the Canadian Government to pay for our "discounted" health care. Fifty-four cents of every dollar of my taxes goes to health care costs.

No wonder Canadians are some of the highest-taxed people in the world.

This is something for seniors to think about when they praise a certain candidate's health plan. Something may sound great until the tax bill comes in April and it has doubled or tripled.
Bruce J. Weinert
Thornhill, Ontario


Thursday, October 21, 2004

ACLU Seeks FBI Data on Muslim Interviews

Associated Press Writer

October 21, 2004, 10:48 PM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO -- The American Civil Liberties Union sued the FBI on Thursday, trying to get more information about the agency's questioning of Muslims and Arabs as it investigates the possibility of pre-election terror attacks.

The ACLU is seeking internal documents under the Freedom of Information Act to find out whether the government is protecting the constitutional rights of the subjects of its unannounced interviews at homes, workplaces and mosques.

"We are trying to get much greater sunshine over these activities," said ACLU attorney John Crew.

The FBI has conducted more than 13,000 interviews this year as part of an effort to detect and disrupt a potential election-year terror attack.

The interviews are voluntary and are not meant to indicate that the person is a suspected terrorist. Still, Muslim groups have expressed concern that they are being singled out for unfair scrutiny.

The ACLU wants to know, among other things, how the agency chooses whom it will interview.

When did the ACLU become such a tick on the posterior of a dog? It had to serve some non-destructive purpose at one time. Perhaps that's just optimism speaking.

Spit it out...the ACLU is worried about PROFILING...The FBI, on the other hand, has the thankless task of making sure we don't have a repeat performance of the Madrid Train Bombings. They're understaffed, overworked...and in my opinion, doing a damn good job since 9/11. Yet, there is the ACLU looking out for the rights of potential reference to voluntary interviews.

Hell yes I hope that the FBI is excelling in pure profiling. I hope they are focusing on male Arabs between 18 and 40, and meet with as many of them as possible. You don't see middle aged Swedish women strapping on a C4 belt. It would clash with the Autumn ensemble...

Good grief...

Apparently the FBI doesn't have a sense of humor on the matter...

In a letter to the ACLU, the FBI said it would process the request in a "first-in-first-out" basis, a process that would take more than a year.


Athletes Show Support

CLICK HERE to enlarge


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

How I would hijack an election...

If I were interested in pulling off an election hi-jacking this would be the recipe (let's assume that I was a Billionaire and was willing to, indirectly, bankroll the whole thing through special grants run through groups like, oh I don't know, The Pew Research Center):

1. Enlist pseudo "non-partisan" special interest groups to go hog wild registering new voters...without much emphasis on accuracy. I'd use these special interest groups to secure plausible deniability on any obvious tampering and creative registering. I'd focus those special interest groups on the battleground states.

2. Enlist more special interest groups to file civil law suits in fence sitting counties of these battleground states challenging anything on the registration that makes an effort to indentify the voter. The more anonymous you can make the voter the better. This includes allowing voting at incorrect precincts...making it unnecessary for voters to show ID...Not requiring a voter to show proof of citizenship.

3. Prepare a cadre of lawyers (again, on their own accord and unpaid by the DNC) to stake out Election Bureaus and Civil Court ready to file Civil Rights Violation suits (meritorious or otherwise).

4. Organize an effort (via the initial "non-partisan" special interest groups) to transport, direct, and otherwise orchestrate multiple voting at different precincts, enlist folks to vote under assumed names of created voter registrations...and depend on the attorneys in #3 to cut off any challenges through intimidation of civil rights suits, or blantant accusations of racism (assuring they are in eyesight of a TV camera).

Iowa is the latest state to have a suit filed by the special interest groups (The League of Women Voters of Iowa, the National Voting Rights Institute and the Iowa Civil Liberties Union). This one is trying to remove the box on the registration that you must check to confirm you are a US Citizen. Then, they are also pushing to allow people to vote at incorrect precinct locations.

In Iowa, it is much like it is in NH (when I lived there). The election officials, very often recognize and know the folks in their precinct...same in most parts of Iowa. So if a bus load of folks show up that don't look familiar you could challenge them. But, if you can vote in any precinct...then the challenge can be jumped on by an attorney (waiting in the wings) to complain of a violation of that person's civil rights, and of course, the old stand by...Racism.

Make no mistake, Iowa is an important state. The Democrats registered 42,000 more voters than republicans...and Bush lost the state by just over 4000 votes in 2000.

I guess that's how I would do it...

Window Dressing (These are but a few of the suits hitting the Courts)
Suit to require paper ballot as opposed to the Computer voting in NJ (filed on behalf of two peace activist groups and two residents, including Democratic state Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, in the New Jersey Superior Court in Trenton)

Comment: You can't collect selective ballots and dump them in the trunk of your car if they're not paper.

A Federal Judge ruled against special interest groups who advocated that the State had to count ballots cast in an incorrect precinct. However, there's a catch which negates the decision. The Judge, also, ruled that the State could only refuse to count ballots cast by voters who had been directed by poll workers to the proper polling place, but still got it wrong. Good luck proving that one…

Comment: Another successful attempt as making the voter more anonymous, and fraud more likely.

The Federal Court ruled that as long as the voter casts the vote in the correct county, it doesn't matter which precinct he/'she votes in. Keep in mind that at least one Ohio county has more registered voters than the US Census acknowledges…

Comment: Again, the voter is made more anonymous, with more potential for fraud to occur. Incidentally, poll workers are on their third issued set of instructions on how to handle provisional ballots… Yes sir....plenty of suspect activities in OHIO:
Thousands of new-voter cards in Ohio undeliverable By Jim Siegel Enquirer Columbus Bureau

The Federal Judge ruled that votes cast in the wrong precinct can, and will, be counted as long as they are in the correct city. The Democratic Party was pushing this one directly.

Comments: Same story…

The Democratic Party presented the Michigan ruling to a Federal Judge in Florida seeking to allow voters the ability to vote in the wrong precinct. However, after moving up to the Florida Supreme Court, it was shot down.

Comment: Good news for those interested in a fair election.

Also, in Florida:

A coalition of labor unions is suing five counties over thousands of rejected registration forms -- more than one-third submitted by African Americans and a quarter by Latinos

Comments: And the labor unions have access to these registrations how? Once again, the registrations are likely turned down for valid reasons reflective of the Election Law. That should be the end of the story. However, incorrect registration should not be changed to include more to the rolls after the registration deadline.

New Mexico

The State Legislature passed a law that required all first time voters registering to vote show Idenficiation. A state poll showed that 86% of the residents supported the new law. However, the Democratic Secretary of State filed suit to interpret the law that only those first time voters registering by mail should comply. The Election officials were solidly against Madame Secretary of State...Yet, she won the case...The Secretary of State (representing 14% of her constituency has company in the suit. The suit was joined by the DNC and New Voter Project (NVP).

Comments: Draw your own conclusions...


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Pennsylvania Round-up


For the first time (that I can remember) President Bush laid one right across the chin of the "Bent One" (Clinton for the penile repressed). Perhaps it was a warning shot since Big Bill will make a cameo in Philadelphia in the very near future...on his first post heart surgery campaign appearance

Bush rips Clinton, Kerry on terrorism

He says his opponent would respond 'only after America is hit.'

By Terence Hunt
Of The Associated Press

He called the Clinton administration's approach to terrorism ''piecemeal and symbolic,'' which allowed people to feel as though a terrorist threat was something distant.

The above was delivered just over the Delaware River from Philly. Which reminds me...Pat's Cheesesteaks wants you to know how to make the real thing (especially up here in New England...ketchup is not a proper cheesesteak accompaniment)...jeez....they make them wicked bad up here (note: reference to "bad" is not some sort of hip euphemism for "good").

OK, onto Pittsburgh...The LA Times and their little cousin, The Allentown Morning Call (both of the Times Mirror empire) have beeing trying to open up late Senator Heinz's estate records...Strangely, T-girl sealed the records one day after his untimely demise.

If the media have any right to look at records for the estate of Sen. John Heinz, that right is outweighed by the privacy rights of potential first lady Teresa Heinz Kerry and her family, Heinz's lawyers claimed Monday.


The estate's lawyers mentioned not only Heinz Kerry but also her three sons and grandchild. ''The release of this information will put each of them under the glare of extensive public scrutiny relating to their personal financial affairs, which they have maintained as private,'' the lawyers wrote.

True...but, ahem, Mary Cheney?

In addition to privacy rights, the estate's lawyers argued that ''all relevant financial information'' about Kerry and Heinz Kerry is available publicly through the ''extensive'' disclosures that federal law requires of them.

Like the two pages of tax return information T-girl released on 10/15 after being constantly badgered...Check out the WSJ's dissection of that little flea when you get a chance...

The Morning Call indicates that we won't see anything until after fat lady has sung...

Heinz Kerry lawyers argue family privacy concerns outweigh media rights

Newspapers have sued for access to former senator's estate records.

By Elliot Grossman
Of The Morning Call

Then onto the Keystone State's Capitol...Harrisburg where Ed Rendell...yeah, that guy...has a plan to keep the PA voters in line...It involves Mark Aronchick (note: raised $100,000 for Al Gore's recount adventure) and a cadre of Pennsylvania lawyers camping out in each of the 67 bureaus and Courts. Rendell, by the way, tried to bully through election reforms 4 weeks ago...he's a gamer, I'll give him that.

Big Democratic donor advising Rendell on Election Day plan
Senate GOP calls idea for state assistance 'hopelessly tainted.

By John M.R. Bull
Of The Morning Call

Word on the street is that the portion of the state that will decide on which side PA falls will be the lovely Lehigh Valley...(Bethelehem, Nazareth, Allentown...Billy Joel's favorite whipping boy blue collar area, which now has a lot of NYC transplants...and crotchety old PA Dutchmen). Should be a close one...and fun to watch...


Incoming....Some extremists to be freed (Yemen)

Yemen appears to be cleaning house and releasing known "extremists." Let's hope the State Dept. is having better luck identifying the lucky lottery winners than the Yemeni press is...Chances are they will be back in Afghanistan or Iraq in the near future...

Some extremists to be freed

by Mohammed Al-Qadhi
October 20, 2004

Some extremist detainees are expected to be freed during the month of Ramdhan, official sources said. Judge Hamoud al-Hitar, head of the clerics committee dialoguing with extremists in Yemeni prisons said that it is expected that some of the detainees will be set free after they pledge to give up their radical and extremist views.

Al-Hitar did not give the number of detainees to be set free as they have not been charged with any terrorist acts or crimes. The judge denied information that some militants of Aden-Abyan Islamic Army (AAIA) will be freed as a reward for their participation in the military operations against the anti-US killed cleric Hussein al-Huthi. The militants of AAIA are serving 15-20 year-terms in jail as after being convicted with the kidnapping of Western tourists in Abyan in December 1998, where some of the tourists were murdered in the confrontations between the extremist militants and the police. Al-Hitar pointed out that the dialogue with these convicted militants aim to “up-root the extremist views that pushed them to perpetrate the Abyan attack on the tourists.”

Yemen authorities have already released tens of militants who returned from Afghanistan. Some of the militants were convinced by the dialogue and pledged to relinquish al-Qaeda ideas, as clerics in the committee claimed, but some refused and challenged the clerics and their arguments.

Yemen has also tried extremist militants on charges of terrorist acts like the bombings of the USS Cole and French Tanker Limburg.

The Sana’a Penal Court sentenced on September 29th two al Qaeda militants to death and sentenced four others to prison terms ranging from five to ten years for the 2000 bombing of the U.S. destroyer Cole which killed 17 sailors.

The same court sentenced on August 28th 15 defendants to terms ranging from three years to death for various terror plots and attacks. Those imprisoned for 10 years included five supporters of Al Qaeda for the 2002 bombing of the French supertanker Limburg in an attack similar to that on the Cole. The militant Hizam Mujali was sentenced to death after being convicted of fatally shooting a police officer at a checkpoint.


Monday, October 18, 2004

The mystery of the French hostages

Excellent and fact filled piece from The American Thinker concerning those French hostages in Iraq that still have their Brie filled noggins resting squarely on their shoulders. Wait until you read about their connections with terrorism...and why their release was ordered from on high...Great piece by Olivier Guitta.


Iran's Basij militia wants observers at US vote

Monday, October 18, 2004 - ©2004

LONDON, Oct 18 (IranMania) - Iran's hardline Basij militia has written to UN secretary general Kofi Annan to ask if the Islamic republic can send observers to the US presidential election in November, a government newspaper said on Monday.

"By this symbolic request, we want to ridicule the so-called democratic slogans of the American leaders," a Basij official, Said Toutunchian, told the Iran newspaper.

"We want to say to the whole world that the presence of observers from the Islamic republic of Iran, the most democratic regime in the world, is necessary to guarantee the smooth running of the American elections."

The Basij is a volunteer army attached to Iran's Revolutionary Guards, the Islamic republic's ideological army.

Predominantly Western groups frequently send observers to pass judgment on the "democratic status" of elections in other countries.

On Monday, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europesaid in a statement that weekend legislative elections in Belarus fell "significantly short" of democratic standards.

Iran's Basij militia wants observers at US vote

OK Terrific...I volunteer as a host. In case you weren't aware, the Basij serve as the enforcers when the Iranian kids get a little rambunctious. They like to beat the hell out of them so they don't exercise too much in the aspiration department. Sometimes they will go into a shop in force and smack around the owner if he is selling women's overcoats that appear a bit revealing (Allah must not be tempted by the bare ankle).

These are the same mouth breather thugs that formed a human chain around Iran's first Nuclear plant all the while exclaiming that they would defend it to the last drop of blood. Apparently, they think any assault on there continuous violation of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Agreement(s) will be in the form of a Conga Line.

The Basij militia said in a statement that the student protests had been provoked by the “Great Satan” Washington which was using its “mercenaries” to challenge Iran’s Islamic leaders.

This Washington guy must be a real nasty bloke.

Oh, hell, I welcome these guys...kill'em with kindness for a week or two and they will be tossing in their Shahi Sword for a pair of Raybans, a wifebeater shirt, and season passes to Sea World...


Saddam and those Playstations from Dec. 2000

I was watching the Fox News follow-up on the "Oil for Food" Scandal, and I recalled something that occurred back in 2000 that just has to be part of the debacle. First, let me give a quick outline of the different techniques he was using...and then I'll provide what I think is an example of one of the deals...

Saddam was allowed to pick his own business contacts and partners. Therefore, he was able to choose (exclusively) who would be involved in each deal.

1. He sold oil and extreme discounts. The purchaser then pocketed a huge profit and placed a kickback from the profits into an outside account accessible to Saddam.

2. Saddam purchased very low quality goods at high premium prices. Again, the business partners made an extremely high profit, and placed a kickback into Saddam's account.

3. Direct Aid workers were over paid for services and, again, a portion was placed in Saddam's account.

These kickbacks were used to purchase military equipment as well as items of luxury not related to the International Aid. Tanks listed as farm equipment. High end Scotch listed as get the idea.. your memory back to December of 2000. Who recalls all the jokes being made about Iraq purchasing 4,000 Sony Playstation II's??? The purchases were made through the US and raised the attention of the FBI and the US Custom's Service.

Everyone had a theory. Even Intelligence agencies were saying that the Iraq might produce a primitive super computer and provide computer power to control an Iraqi unmanned aerial vehicle...or calculate ballistic data for long range missiles...They even suggested the possiblity of the parts being used in design of nuclear weapons.
That's not what I think went on here...but before I get to is Joseph Farah's piece on the issue back in December of 2000.

Playing games with Iraq

© 2000

What does Saddam Hussein have in common with the Grinch?

Probably more than any of us can imagine. Not only does he continue to be a menace to his neighbors, this year, in his quest to make Iraq a powerhouse of weapons of mass destruction, he is buying up thousands of Sony PlayStation 2s, and, thus, creating a high-tech game shortage in America this holiday season.

Both the U.S. Customs Service and the FBI are investigating the apparent transfer of large numbers of Sony PlayStation 2s to Iraq, according to military intelligence sources.

A secret Defense Intelligence Agency report, obtained by WorldNetDaily, states as many as 4,000 of the popular video game units have been purchased in the United States and shipped to Iraq in the last two to three months. (snip)

Joseph Farah Dec. 20, 2000

Ok, I think we all watch too much TV. I think this was all a sham. Sure, the Sony Playstations existed. They were probably checked box for box by the US Customs when they left The States....but somewhere between the US and Iraq I'll bet the shipping order and Bill of Lading got a tad bit skewed. The Playstations were probably off loaded and replaced with something else a bit less innocuous. Or, perhaps a portion were offloaded and turned over to a third party for sale with a portion of the profit ending up in the Iraqi coffers.

While we all had a nice chuckle thinking of a bunch of Iraqis in white lab coats playing Duke Nukem and building 21'st century weapons to the Mario Theme...chances are Saddam was having a nice laugh knowing that he took US products and turned a nice tidy profit right under our noses...

Just a thought.


Saturday, October 16, 2004

Rant: "Circling the Bowl"

Circling the Bowl
October 16, 2004

Whether anyone is willing to admit it or not, the true Left is morally insolvent and devoid any valid platform.

Their leaders have reached a point where they cannot even admit they are L-i-b-e-r-a-l. Without placing primary magnitude on an identity, it becomes progressively complicated to convince thinking individuals why they should share their views.

Instead, the Left tries to describe itself in hyperbole. They don’t, specifically, stand for a valid concept or philosophy. They stand for many different concepts and philosophies. They are resigned, quite accidentally, to describe themselves in contrasting terms. Their self-proclaimed acceptance of “diversity” requires them to comprise their dwindling ranks with contradicting and hypocritical membership. Their rallying calls are for the "progressive,” “diverse,” and "more caring". Progressive towards what? Diverse compared to whom? More caring about what? (snip)

Remainder of Rant attached to this link


Thune v. Daschle (Santa's newest little Elf)

I watched the Debate between Thune and Daschle this evening. Thune thoroughly dismantled him. It made me cringe, and I think Tom Dashchle is one of the most pompous, petty, whiners on the hill.

I have a feeling that come this Christmas Tommy Boy is going to be playing a bit part in the local Sears Christmas display. Just a word of advice to him, however. An elf needs to show consistent good cheer and a positive encumbrance of the Season.

My best to Santa's newest little helper...


Friday, October 15, 2004

Tick, Tick,...Tick...

To: National Desk and Political Reporter

Contact: Christine Iverson of the Republican National Committee, 202-863-8614

WASHINGTON, Oct. 14 /U.S. Newswire/ -- RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie issued the following statement today on the promised release of Teresa Heinz Kerry's tax returns:

"Throughout history, presidential candidates have disclosed income tax information prior to Election Day. We believe Americans value disclosure and transparency in campaigns. During the 2003 filing year, Sen. Kerry made a $6 million loan to his campaign based on the value of a home jointly owned with his wife.

"Were it not for that infusion of cash John Kerry might not be on the campaign trail today. Because of her financial interest in the presidential campaign of her husband, Teresa Heinz Kerry pledged to disclose her tax information on October 15. Tomorrow is October 15 and Americans will find out if they plan to keep that promise."

(Insert Jeopardy Theme here)

Why is it relevant? No one knows....yet. Speculation is all over the place. However, one would think that some creative tax shelters used by a Billionare would not go over well with the "great unwashed." Especially since Kerry has had been holding a match over the issue of class warfare trying to create that "us against those nasty tax breaks for the rich only" Republicans. Also, some of the charitable deductions might have gone to some less than stellar entities...

(Reinstate Jeopardy Theme...long version)


I'm a damn molecule.

You are a steroid. You're a special kind of
inter-nuclear hormone and have direct,
immediate effects on the near future; you are
pumped up, ready to go, and excite the people
around you into action. You can also cause

Which Biological Molecule Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

*Har* Remember...The sum over oxidation numbers in a polyatomic molecule must always equal the total charge of the molecule. Otherwise you might need to build a new town...


The Perfect Murder...

It occurs to me that tonight I have finally pieced together the perfect murder. However, the concept is much more simple than acquiring the tools. It's usually the other way perhaps I'm onto something.

First of all, the murderer would have to be a Siamese Twin. I believe the politically correct term is conjoined twins. Therefore, we will be using the term "Siamese Twins."

The difficultly lies in locating Siamese Twins that are aloof to each other. After all, it would be arduous to have a conversation with one of the twins without the other over hearing the conversation....and that is key to the success of the plot. Secondly, how likely is it that there is actually a stereotypical evil twin who just happens to, also, be a Siamese Twin. I have to admit, the odds are pretty slim.

However, for argument's sake...let's say I found one. Perhaps one of the Siamese Twins is lactose intollerant and his brother is not overly enthusiasic about his captive environment. So, all I have to do is talk the evil Siamese Twin into committing the murder...and that's it.

He's not going to rat me out for conspiring in the crime. He wouldn't have to. Because, as long as I keep my voice down and the other Siamese Twin doesn't hear us planning the murder...he's completely innocent. Therefore, even if the evil Siamese Twin admits to the murder, there is no way they can punish him for the crime without infringing on his brother's freedom and rights.

I guess the key to the whole thing is to make sure that the Siamese twins share an important and vital organ. Otherwise we're screwed. Some newshoud Dr. will cut them apart and it's a whole different story.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

This Can't Be Right....

Hmmmm....this doesn't make sense....While USA Today and about 100 other newspapers owned by Gannett Corporation continue to hammer the current administration about the loss of jobs, they are confirming just the opposite...

How you say?

From USA Today
October 13, 2004

Gannett Revenue, Profit Rise

Improvements in the ad market, particularly newspaper help-wanted and real estate classifieds, contributed to the strong third quarter at Gannett. The parent of USA Today said Tuesday that net profit rose 11.2% vs. the same period last year to $310 million on revenue of $1.8 Billion, up 11.3%. Although the recent spate of hurricantes trimmed ad sales in Floriday, sales at the newpaper dividsion, with 101 domestic dailies, rose 10.3% including new properties. Ad sales at USA Today rose 10.2%. Meanwhile, storng ad sales tied to the Olympis and political campaigns contributed to a 19.7% rise in revenue in the broadcasting division, which has 21 TV stations. Still, Gannett's net income of $1.18 a share was a penny shy of analyst estimates. Shares retreated 3% to $83.25

Ok, so it doesn't take someone as "smart" as Al Gore to figure out that an increase in help wanted revenue indicates more help wanted ads....more jobs eh? Who'd da thunk it?

Supporting that premise is the increase in real estate placement....or as Norman Lear put it back in the 70's.....Movin' On the Eastside... me out here...Wheeezie?


Going Once....Going Twice...

The Associated Press isn't partisan are they? Just because they recycle old stories that show negatively on Bush is not it?

Bush's Hometown Paper Endorses Kerry
Associated Press Writer

October 12, 2004, 10:56 PM EDT

Bush's Hometown Paper Endorses Kerry

Published September 29, 2004

Bush's hometown paper backs Kerry

Associated Press

Bush's hometown paper backs Kerry

If I had the least bit of motivation I would look up the original journalist on Lexis Nexis and probably find it was the same author...Even more of a twist I suppose. The Lowell Sun (Kerry's Hometown paper..arguably...came out for Bush). However, do an internet search and you might miss it. Do a search on the Crawford Paper supporting Kerry and you have pages to wade through. Seems pretty clear. The AP hack saw a story that had some weight in the election. The story was exploited in an unbalanced coverage basis...and now they are going for round two.

Not very sporting...


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Close it down Permanently

Sen. Mark Dayton, D-Minn., plans on shutting down his Washington DC office between now and the election in November. According to a Dayton…he is closing his Washington office because of a classified intelligence report that made him fear for the safety of his staff.

1. The term “classified” holds meaning. Sen. Dayton has yet to grasp that fact.

2. Sen. Dayton would serve us all in a more appropriate fashion if he were to shut down his office permanently.

3. Sen. Dayton was the same cordial host who boycotted the Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's address to the US Congress by stating that he "ought to be over there running his country." Prime Minister Allawi was in the US graciously thanking the American people for their sacrifices in the name of freedom for Iraq, and providing a vision of the future in a country that holds much of the US military and financial interest. Sen. Dayton wasn’t interested.

Here's the CBS Report:

Terror-Fearing Sen. Shuts Office

CBS/AP) Sen. Mark Dayton said Tuesday he is closing his Washington office because of a classified intelligence report that made him fear for the safety of his staff.

Dayton, D-Minn., said the office will be closed while Congress is in recess through Election Day, with his staff working out of his Minnesota office and in Senate space off Capitol Hill.

"I take this step out of extreme, but necessary, precaution to protect the lives and safety of my Senate staff and my Minnesota constituents, who might otherwise be visiting my Senate office in the next three weeks," he said on a call with reporters.

Terror-Fearing Sen. Shuts Office WASHINGTON, Oct. 12, 2004

Anddddddd....Don Pardo...Tell the good Senator what he's won....


Monday, October 11, 2004

Rant: "The Lunch Lady Who Would Be King"

The Lunch Lady Who Would Be King

Strip down all the ornamental self-flagellation. Scrape off the invented scheme of necessity. Peel back the layered agendas of misguided member states, and the United Nations is nothing more than a lunch lady; a lunch lady who keeps touching the food.

One would think that lifting the serving spoon and plastering a wad of gruel onto a compartmental plate couldn’t get you into too much trouble. One would think. However, when the lunch lady insists on establishing the school curriculum you are destined to be overwrought with something worse than scum covered pudding.

The United Nations is a lesson in irrelevancy and opportunism. It sits there on the East side of New York playing its triangle in the midst of a Heavy Metal gig waiting for a solo that, God willing, will never come. (snip)

The Lunch Lady Who Would Be King--Oct. 11, 2004


International Reputations

Kind of amusing how many folks are concerned about our "International Reputation." Funny thing can still apply the "border test" and the US would end up being the refuge of choice hands down. The latest flag carrier on that argument is Senator Patty Murry (Wash. State).

Murray says the war needlessly damaged the United States' international reputation and criticizes the Bush administration for failing to prepare for the postwar chaos.
Seattle Times Oct. 10, 2004

I suppose that fits into the ideology of the Liberalism in general. While Conservatives revel in the concept of individualism and self-reliance, Liberalism is always dependent on those around them to support a Socialistic mentality. Socialists believe that everyone should own and control the means of production and what is 'right.' Therefore, the opinions of everyone else take on a more important role than your own opinions and interests. Yet, there is never going to be a common consensus on what constitutes what is correct by your "peers."

The casualties of such thinking are entrepeneurship, innovation, success, sovereignty, and, worst of all, idenity.

Short version of the above: Don't be concerned about what pants I'm wearing. Just be glad I'm wearing them.


Sunday, October 10, 2004

You gotta know when to hold'em...

Australian Prime Minister John Howard's election win was sweet. The solid showing of the Conservatives in the both Houses of the Australian Govt. as a whole was sweeter. However, serving humble pie to The Economist for their March 2004 cover story was absolutely sachrine laced....

Their cover story was reactionary to the Socialists (yes the Socialists) reinvigorating their hold on Spains politics. I recall the happy dances done by the Democrats here in the US. I remember José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero propping up the Euroweenie stereotype by cutting and running from Iraq at the first opportunity. And, I've read how the liberal Labor Party in Australia had vowed to pull out all 900 non-combat troops from Iraq by Christmas given the opportunity. Well, they weren't given the opportunity...and reading some of the press today on the issues is downright amusing...

Here's my favorite part of The Economist piece...

To say all that is not to say that it is wrong to vote out governments that supported the invasion of Iraq a year ago. In some cases, such as Spain, they did so against a huge majority of public opinion. In all cases, their claims that Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of dangerous weapons now look to be a blunder, a gamble or a deception. This year both George Bush himself and John Howard, Australia's prime minister, face re-election contests and next year Britain's Tony Blair is also expected to do so. There is now a real possibility that all three could follow Mr Aznar's party into defeat

Link The Economist Mar. 2004

You gotta know when to hold'm...know when for fold'm...know when to walk away...know when to run...


The Man with the Plan

It's been a long time coming....but Kerry finally has a plan...We've all been waiting on the edge of our collective chairs...

HERE IT the photo...(enjoy)


Thursday, October 07, 2004


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