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The Incessant Rant Home Page

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Bush goes to the "Bench" in the late innings

Power Line posted a wonderful surprise for me. Johnny Bench introduced the Prez. at a Cincinnati rally today. On the surface, no big deal...although I'm sure some of the constituency remembers well, the days of "The Big Red Machine."

What isn't common knowledge is that Bench is an excellent public speaker and makes his cash these days doing motivational speaking. I had the pleasure of catching him at Marco Island about 4 years ago...and the guy is one hell of a story teller, and orator. Here's hoping he is doing more than just a little intro...Bench knows how to control the field...then and now. Incidentally, Bench did a little "stumping" for Reagan back in 1984. Thanks for the post PL...made my day.

The Incessant Rant Home Page
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