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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Bush likely to promote from within if reelected

Bush likely to promote from within if reelected
By Alexis Simendinger,
National Journal
October 22, 2004

If George W. Bush is re-elected after touting the steadiness and wisdom of his policies and the talents of his loyal subordinates during his first four years, why would he change his Cabinet by Inauguration Day? The conventional wisdom is that he won't seek a dramatic shake-up but instead might find himself promoting junior-grade officers to fill vacancies around his table.

I was never a fan of Andy Card. I'm still not. However, he makes some interesting quotes in this lonnnnng piece that might shed some light. My guess is that Rumsfeld will step down (in his own time). I'm thinking that some no nonsense personnel changes on the domestic front will link to a strong push to privatize a huge number of Government jobs (all the way down to the guy who cuts the grass around the Relecting Ponds). Rumor has it that Grover Norquist his being kept around for just such an endeavor. The Unions are desperate in this election for that very reason. They'd hate to see a huge chunk of their $8Billion in member fees disappear. All in all, I don't see many senior level office holders moving on.

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