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Friday, October 22, 2004

Canada checks in...

Letter to the editor in today's USA TODAY (redundant):

High health costs

Dear Editor:

As a Canadian, I feel sorry that Americans have to pay more for their drugs, and I am not against U.S. seniors coming to Canada to buy cheaper drugs ("Canadians call on Ottawa to ban cross-border drug shopping," Money, Tuesday).

I do wish, though, they'd deposit their savings in my bank account to help defray my high taxes.

These taxes are used by the Canadian Government to pay for our "discounted" health care. Fifty-four cents of every dollar of my taxes goes to health care costs.

No wonder Canadians are some of the highest-taxed people in the world.

This is something for seniors to think about when they praise a certain candidate's health plan. Something may sound great until the tax bill comes in April and it has doubled or tripled.
Bruce J. Weinert
Thornhill, Ontario

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