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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Margolis on a Mission (but not allowed to play)

It's amusing to serve as spectator to the absolute vitiol frustration and helplessness dripping off the foreign media as they contemplate the reality of a Bush extension. Obviously, The Guardian leads the charge. But, I want to party with this Canuck. He's the latest to dream of World inclusion within the US election:

Non-Americans dread Bush--10/24/04 Eric Margolis

(snip) More educated Americans back Kerry, while Bush speaks for those who love his folksy ways, mangled English, jingoism and religious pretensions.

However, a president who says he communicates with God regularly and claims to be on a "divine mission" makes the world very uneasy.

Who will the Lord order Bush to "liberate" next? Iran and Syria? Sinful France, with its cigarettes, wine and wild sex? Lefty Canadians with all that water and oil? Or the Chinese, who reject Christian values and work too cheap?

Add to the Bush vote the 20% of Americans who believe Elvis is still alive, and you end up with an unbeatable majority.

You can say one thing about elections such as ours...You sure get to see the true colors of the over-generalizing, non-fact checking, suspect source quoting, socialist loving, religion denigrating, fallacy propigating, pseudo-intellectual, self-promoting nose pickers...Too bad eh?

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