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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Pennsylvania Round-up


For the first time (that I can remember) President Bush laid one right across the chin of the "Bent One" (Clinton for the penile repressed). Perhaps it was a warning shot since Big Bill will make a cameo in Philadelphia in the very near future...on his first post heart surgery campaign appearance

Bush rips Clinton, Kerry on terrorism

He says his opponent would respond 'only after America is hit.'

By Terence Hunt
Of The Associated Press

He called the Clinton administration's approach to terrorism ''piecemeal and symbolic,'' which allowed people to feel as though a terrorist threat was something distant.

The above was delivered just over the Delaware River from Philly. Which reminds me...Pat's Cheesesteaks wants you to know how to make the real thing (especially up here in New England...ketchup is not a proper cheesesteak accompaniment)...jeez....they make them wicked bad up here (note: reference to "bad" is not some sort of hip euphemism for "good").

OK, onto Pittsburgh...The LA Times and their little cousin, The Allentown Morning Call (both of the Times Mirror empire) have beeing trying to open up late Senator Heinz's estate records...Strangely, T-girl sealed the records one day after his untimely demise.

If the media have any right to look at records for the estate of Sen. John Heinz, that right is outweighed by the privacy rights of potential first lady Teresa Heinz Kerry and her family, Heinz's lawyers claimed Monday.


The estate's lawyers mentioned not only Heinz Kerry but also her three sons and grandchild. ''The release of this information will put each of them under the glare of extensive public scrutiny relating to their personal financial affairs, which they have maintained as private,'' the lawyers wrote.

True...but, ahem, Mary Cheney?

In addition to privacy rights, the estate's lawyers argued that ''all relevant financial information'' about Kerry and Heinz Kerry is available publicly through the ''extensive'' disclosures that federal law requires of them.

Like the two pages of tax return information T-girl released on 10/15 after being constantly badgered...Check out the WSJ's dissection of that little flea when you get a chance...

The Morning Call indicates that we won't see anything until after fat lady has sung...

Heinz Kerry lawyers argue family privacy concerns outweigh media rights

Newspapers have sued for access to former senator's estate records.

By Elliot Grossman
Of The Morning Call

Then onto the Keystone State's Capitol...Harrisburg where Ed Rendell...yeah, that guy...has a plan to keep the PA voters in line...It involves Mark Aronchick (note: raised $100,000 for Al Gore's recount adventure) and a cadre of Pennsylvania lawyers camping out in each of the 67 bureaus and Courts. Rendell, by the way, tried to bully through election reforms 4 weeks ago...he's a gamer, I'll give him that.

Big Democratic donor advising Rendell on Election Day plan
Senate GOP calls idea for state assistance 'hopelessly tainted.

By John M.R. Bull
Of The Morning Call

Word on the street is that the portion of the state that will decide on which side PA falls will be the lovely Lehigh Valley...(Bethelehem, Nazareth, Allentown...Billy Joel's favorite whipping boy blue collar area, which now has a lot of NYC transplants...and crotchety old PA Dutchmen). Should be a close one...and fun to watch...

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