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Friday, October 15, 2004

The Perfect Murder...

It occurs to me that tonight I have finally pieced together the perfect murder. However, the concept is much more simple than acquiring the tools. It's usually the other way perhaps I'm onto something.

First of all, the murderer would have to be a Siamese Twin. I believe the politically correct term is conjoined twins. Therefore, we will be using the term "Siamese Twins."

The difficultly lies in locating Siamese Twins that are aloof to each other. After all, it would be arduous to have a conversation with one of the twins without the other over hearing the conversation....and that is key to the success of the plot. Secondly, how likely is it that there is actually a stereotypical evil twin who just happens to, also, be a Siamese Twin. I have to admit, the odds are pretty slim.

However, for argument's sake...let's say I found one. Perhaps one of the Siamese Twins is lactose intollerant and his brother is not overly enthusiasic about his captive environment. So, all I have to do is talk the evil Siamese Twin into committing the murder...and that's it.

He's not going to rat me out for conspiring in the crime. He wouldn't have to. Because, as long as I keep my voice down and the other Siamese Twin doesn't hear us planning the murder...he's completely innocent. Therefore, even if the evil Siamese Twin admits to the murder, there is no way they can punish him for the crime without infringing on his brother's freedom and rights.

I guess the key to the whole thing is to make sure that the Siamese twins share an important and vital organ. Otherwise we're screwed. Some newshoud Dr. will cut them apart and it's a whole different story.

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