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Monday, October 11, 2004

Rant: "The Lunch Lady Who Would Be King"

The Lunch Lady Who Would Be King

Strip down all the ornamental self-flagellation. Scrape off the invented scheme of necessity. Peel back the layered agendas of misguided member states, and the United Nations is nothing more than a lunch lady; a lunch lady who keeps touching the food.

One would think that lifting the serving spoon and plastering a wad of gruel onto a compartmental plate couldn’t get you into too much trouble. One would think. However, when the lunch lady insists on establishing the school curriculum you are destined to be overwrought with something worse than scum covered pudding.

The United Nations is a lesson in irrelevancy and opportunism. It sits there on the East side of New York playing its triangle in the midst of a Heavy Metal gig waiting for a solo that, God willing, will never come. (snip)

The Lunch Lady Who Would Be King--Oct. 11, 2004

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