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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

This Can't Be Right....

Hmmmm....this doesn't make sense....While USA Today and about 100 other newspapers owned by Gannett Corporation continue to hammer the current administration about the loss of jobs, they are confirming just the opposite...

How you say?

From USA Today
October 13, 2004

Gannett Revenue, Profit Rise

Improvements in the ad market, particularly newspaper help-wanted and real estate classifieds, contributed to the strong third quarter at Gannett. The parent of USA Today said Tuesday that net profit rose 11.2% vs. the same period last year to $310 million on revenue of $1.8 Billion, up 11.3%. Although the recent spate of hurricantes trimmed ad sales in Floriday, sales at the newpaper dividsion, with 101 domestic dailies, rose 10.3% including new properties. Ad sales at USA Today rose 10.2%. Meanwhile, storng ad sales tied to the Olympis and political campaigns contributed to a 19.7% rise in revenue in the broadcasting division, which has 21 TV stations. Still, Gannett's net income of $1.18 a share was a penny shy of analyst estimates. Shares retreated 3% to $83.25

Ok, so it doesn't take someone as "smart" as Al Gore to figure out that an increase in help wanted revenue indicates more help wanted ads....more jobs eh? Who'd da thunk it?

Supporting that premise is the increase in real estate placement....or as Norman Lear put it back in the 70's.....Movin' On the Eastside... me out here...Wheeezie?

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