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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Vintage Kerry on Iraq

More fun from the Wayback Machine Mr. Peabody. Since not much attention was paid to the Democratic Primary Debates it's kind of entertaining to go back and see what was said in New York. At that point it was down to four candidates...and Kerry's best challenge was lowly John Edwards.

This snip is in reference to transferring of authority back to Iraq. Kerry's answer is vintage. (Is that a yes or a no? Obviously...). Definitely Kerry. He never answered the question.

Q. I'll ask you and then I'll ask the Reverend Sharpton. As you know, Iraq is to begin ruling itself on June 30 when the U.S. is transferring authority. Now, there's a lot of people in Washington and Baghdad who are saying this is a completely set on a political timetable at the convenience for President Bush. Should we put off the June 30 transfer? Short answer.

MR. KERRY. I think the transfer should depend entirely on the ability to guarantee a stable Iraq. It should not be set arbitrarily, certainly not by an election date. What is critical is that you have -

Q. Is that a yes or a no?
MR. KERRY. Obviously.

Q. It's a what?

MR. KERRY. You should put it off it it's needed to be put off. If it's not - I mean, look, if the date works, terrific. But the test is not a date; the test is the stability and viability of Iraq.

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