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Monday, November 29, 2004

Al-Banna stabbed foreigners to “Get closer to God”

Al-Banna stabbed foreigners to “Get closer to God”
by Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Yemen Times
November 29, 2004

THE trial of Mohammed Jaber al-Banna, accused of stabbing three foreign citizens in Sana’a during the war on Iraq, started Saturday in a Sana’a appeal court.

The prosecution has accused al-Banna of attempting to kill a Dutch, a German and an Austrian citizen, using a dagger. The prosecution showed the court the seized materials which included a dagger, hand grenade as well as a computer.

The defendant said he carried out the crime “to get closer to God.”

He also said he received a support of $60,000 from a “benevolent” without disclosing his identity when he was in Britain with his father.


There it is in black and white.

There it is as presented in a news story served up by an anti-American journalist and media outlet. There it is for the entire world to see. An “alleged” terrorist is forthright in his statement that the motivation behind stabbing a Dutchman, a German, and an Austrian was in the name of the “Religion of Peace.” He did it to “to get closer to God.”

There it is.

Personally, I prefer (maybe out of naïveté) to approach Islam in the same fashion Jonah Goldberg does. He published an excellent piece back in December of 2002 that addresses the very concept. The most poignant comment was this:

National Review
December 4, 2002 4:10 p.m
.Religion of Peace?
“Prove it.”

Look:…I take law-abiding, tolerant, and peaceful Muslims at their word when they say to me that they believe Islam means peace. Further, I take them at their word that they live by that interpretation. But the fact remains that other Muslims surely believe that Islam means death. Death to Christians, Jews, and Hindus; death to unbelievers, heretics, blasphemers, adulterers, and plenty of other categories of human being. And guess what, it's those Muslims who are killing us. And guess what else? Those other, peace-loving, Muslims aren't doing enough about it….



I do take individuals one at a time based on their actions. But, let’s be clear. Those individual Muslims who sit on the sidelines and allow comments such as the ones presented by Mohammed Jaber al-Banna to fester without condemnation do nothing to convince me that they disagree with the actions or the beliefs of this terrorist.

Let’s change the venue and the message for a second. Suppose an American (removing religion from the mix) murders a Russian and proceeds to make the statement that “all good Americans” should eliminate Russians in an attempt to become better Americans.

How do you suppose our State Department would respond to such a comment? What would be the overall response of the American public in general? It would not be silence.

In the same piece mentioned above, Jonah Goldberg gives a better example closer to the basis of this post. Irv Rubin, a Jew, was indicted for allegedly planning to bomb a California mosque and an Arab-America congressman's office. He played himself off as a warrior acting in the best interests of Israel. However, many Jews saw him for what he really was; a terrorist. The American media crucified this extremist terrorist. Goldberg put it this way:

(National Review)

Oh, and speaking of denouncing fellow Jews, I've done it plenty of times. For example, when Irv Rubin of the JDL was arrested for plotting a terrorist attack I denounced him in the strongest possible terms, as did pretty much every prominent Jewish figure in America within 48 hours. (See Jeff Jacoby's excellent column from December 20, 2001. You need to scroll down.)


The clock is ticking on the comments of Mohammed Jaber al-Banna. After a short time it will be too late to provide a credible response of indignation. This is a primary example of where "you're either with us or against us" is a valid sentiment.

CAIR?... The Arab League?... AHRC?... Mohammed Al-Qadhi?... Palestine?... Syria?... Bueller?


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