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The Incessant Rant Home Page

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Al Gore in 2008

Yes, by all means.
Al Gore 2008 Effort Begins

Today we are launching a campaign to elect Al Gore as the 44th President of the United States of America and we hope you will join us in this historic effort.

A new website will launch on Monday, November 8th, with a new name. Please join our mailing list below and keep informed about this, only the first step in a long and exciting campaign.

Fireworks? Will there be fireworks?

Now, more than ever, America needs a national leader capable of serving as the standard bearer for a more progressive agenda. One person has stood up for all of us as the conscience of the Democratic party: A man who immediately spoke out against the loss of our civil rights in the Patriot Act, the first major political figure to speak out against the proposal to invade Iraq, the voice of reason in the face of a storm of ideological rhetoric: Al Gore.


I throw my voluminous support behind the only man who would schedule a talk on Global Warming the same day as the absolute coldest day in 25 years in NY. I throw my undying devotion to the only man who could screw up our election process so badly that tens of thousands of attorneys would take on an "assault force" mentality in the follow-up General Election. And, with enthusiastic encouragement...I back the only man who noticably changes his appearance more than Mr. Potato Head.

The Incessant Rant Home Page
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