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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Dirty Window to the World...

The International Herald Tribune (IHT) is the New York Times'(NYT) international voice. In other words, we get the NYT domestically while the rest of the world sees their IHT publication. While the IHT was originated with the ex-pat in mind, the simple fact of the matter is that the publication is popular among foreign citizenry. It’s always been interesting how close the two correspond when tacked to the proverbial wall.

While the “Gray Lady” has garnered a reputation for Leftist views (and deservedly so), its foreign mistress takes that bias one step beyond.

HoyStory posted a blurb yesterday that linked to a BBC piece relating to unbelievable abuses perpetrated by United Nations staff in the Congo.

In a statement released in Nairobi, Mr Annan said he had received a "detailed briefing... about the investigations which the UN initiated some time ago into allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by both civilian and military peacekeeping personnel in the DRC".
We’re talking about blatant and violent sexual abuse to women and children as HoyStory pointed out. We’re talking about UN Peacekeeping employees, inclusive of civilian and military personnel. So far, the smoke screen has revealed French and Tunisian UN representatives committing the unspeakable. Most importantly, we are talking about atrocities that make Abu Ghraib pale in comparison.

Enough background…now the punch line. The IHT chose to leave this story out of their Saturday release. Keep in mind that the center of distribution for the Western European publication is Paris, France. Instead, today’s front page is devoted to scraggly looking Chilean derelicts with black bandanas covering their faces and hurling rocks while concurrently lambasting the US for attacking terrorists in Fallujah.
It’s easy to see why world opinion of the United States is wanting. The foreign press takes their cues from the NYT’s owned IHT. What they hear about the US is reflective of what their beacons of the “truth” want them to hear.

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