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Monday, November 08, 2004

Eric Margolis, the Anti-Barometer...

Op Ed Foreign Correspondent for the Toronto Sun, Eric Margolis is always entertaining in an anti-barometer sort of way. He never gets it right…However, the way he gets every thing wrong is ever amusing…See if you can string these latest terms from his Nov. 7th piece into an editorial…

---George Bush's narrow victory
---two failing wars abroad
---weak economy
---monster budget deficits
---Protestant fundamentalists
---violent anti-American groups (Margolis’ term for terrorists)
---staging elections (Afghanistan & Iraq)
---figurehead, Hamid Karzai,
---rigged elections (Afghanistan)
---fraud (Iraq election yet to take place)
---figurehead ruler, Iyad Allawi
---Afghanistan and Iraq, costing at least $6.5 billion US monthly, are, at best, stalemated; at worst, lost
---U.S. is facing a spreading insurgency against its political and economic domination.
---Americans have yet to understand this fact. (dumb American alert…quasi Elitist opinion alert)
---Greater Israel and their Christian fundamentalist allies
---By imposing a just peace on Israel and Palestinians, Bush could eliminate the primary ----incubator of anti-U.S. hatred across the Muslim and non-Muslim world.
---Pull U.S. troops out of no-win wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (French Canadian school of Military Strategy alert)
---particularly after horrifying charges made by reputable U.S. and British academic analysts that ----U.S. forces have killed 100,000 Iraqi civilians since 2003. (bogus report application)
---strengthen world order
---worldwide admiration
---support for America that was lost during his first awkward, bellicose term.

Here's how he did it... Bush must redeem his name in world's eyes

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