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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I guess I'm not very sporting...

You know that saying…”Don’t kick’em when they’re down”? That is probably pretty sound advice. Oh, but it would be so very easy.

The first rule of Machiavellian Hi-jinks is to make sure your mark is distracted; vulnerable if you will. When the target is agitated to the extent that they are reduced to desperate straw grasping, you know it’s time to dangle a fat juicy worm right in their line of sight.

What the hell am I getting at? I’m in touch. I know that is what you were thinking.

Well, I’m not really getting at anything specific. I’m just pointing out that the Left is on the run. They are frantically trying to show the best face in the twilight of a shellacking.

Let’s see. In the last couple of weeks the Washington Post purposely misrepresented a memo from Porter Goss in a pretext that can only be called comical. The common changing of the guard in the current administration (as is normal in any re-election) is being displayed as a betrayal. Every Leftist OpEd’r is trying their best to transform a minimal “Religious Right” into monster of capacious proportions. MSNBC spent some time floating tin-foil theories on non-existent Republican voter fraud. Leftist blogs not only ate up the crumbs of this inanity, they picked-up and ran with it right into a brick wall of truth. So hungry were they for something (anything) to lessen the blow of a clear defeat they resembled the marching band led down the dead end alley in Animal House. You can just imagine the marching band of leftists bouncing continuously off of what physical science refers to as a “solid” looking for a non-existent doorway.

The “Main Stream Media” has done their best to avoid discussion of the blatant dishonesty of the “non-partisan” but definitely Pro-Kerry 527’s and their attempted destruction of valid voter registration displayed in the voluminous worthless provisional ballots. Worldwide media sang praises and cast palm leaves in the direction of a certain dead Palestinian terrorist leader who is finally feeding the hungry for the first time in his life. Maggots and earthworms have quite the appetite you know.

Yes sir, the Left is in disarray. They are undefined. They are looking for that next rung of the ladder to lift the collective out of a self-dug fissure. I’m just saying now is the perfect time to kick the ladder out from under them. It’d be simple, but, probably not very sporting.

The President isn’t as conniving and underhanded as I am. I’d set them up. I’d dangle a worm, show them the light at the end of the tunnel…and seal both ends. I’d do it because of the fight and the filibusters looming ahead. I’d do it because if the Left could ever establish a commonality among themselves, they’d do it to us. I’d do it because, quite frankly, I’d enjoy it.

Say, where’s that bin Laden guy anyway?

The Incessant Rant Home Page
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