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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Isn't Irony Ironic

How does an attorney respond when the State of Georgia makes the proposal that requires "uninsured" attorneys -- those who have less than $100,000 in coverage for errors and omissions to reveal their lack of coverage in any media advertisements they purchase?


Lee Sexton, president of Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, called the proposal "the most outrageous rule I've ever heard."

"I have never heard of such a cavalier proposal that is so outrageous as the one that the State Bar has chosen to require lawyers to paint a target on their backs," said Sexton, a partner with Sexton & Morris, a criminal defense firm.
Fulton County Daily Report

What's good for the goose, apparently isn't good for the gander. Attorney's have been forcing this type of disclosure on other professions for years. New York City, for example, requires all businesses to hold Commercial General Liability coverage to a certain limit if the building is adjacent to a city owned sidewalk. This was a City Council invoked requirement after a strong lobby by the plaintiff's bar. The same plaintiff's bar set up a non-profit organization that does nothing but identify defects in the sidewalks so as to bolster any slip and fall cases that happen to be at that specific location.

In Florida, the insurance carrier is obligated to provide the plaintiff attorney with documentation of the policy limits on all civil cases. If this is not done, most plaintiff attorneys will file a complaint with the Department of Insurance.

Now Georgia is requesting that the plaintiff bar act above the board and make sure the potential client is aware if the attorney does not hold a professional liability policy and...guess what...the bar doesn't want to feel like a target. Welcome to our world boys...and girls.

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