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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Maple Leaf (s) in the Sandbox...(Canadians are Assisting in Iraq)

Did someone say that Canada was not active in the Iraq Coalition? Well, maybe clarification is in order. They have no active combat troops in Iraq. And, they have no active non-combat troops there officially. However, it might surprise you to learn that our neighbor to the north is making a contribution.

Currently, you will find twenty (20) senior law enforcement officials training Iraqi recruits in Jordan. They are working in an advisory capacity in an effort to increase the Iraqi police force to a 32,000 person roster. The position is part of a cooperative effort between Foreign Affairs Canada and CIDA (The Canadian International Development Agency).

Maybe the extent of the Canadian involvement is minimal compared to what it could be. However, eventually, the fruits of their involvement could hold voluminous importance. It’s one thing to gain the peace. It’s quite another to keep it. Having a presence within Iraq that looks to, actually, protect and serve their constituency is admirable in any capacity. Canada’s contribution to such a goal may be smaller than is necessary. But, it is appreciated none the less.

Ron van Straalen of the Napanee OPP detachment is one such Canadian, and he’s headed to the Middle East with his chin up and an attitude that seems to have eluded most of Ottawa. It feels pretty damn good to say the following.

"Thank you Canada!"
Good on you Inspector.
Inspector Ron van Straalen. Starting in January Van Straalen will be the senior police advisor reporting to Falah Al-Nakib, the Ministry of the Interior of the transitional government of Iraq. It’s initially a six-month placement, with an option for three more months.
The Kingston Whig-Standard --Napanee police officer deployed to Baghdad --Aimee Pianosi--Local News -

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