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Monday, November 08, 2004

New Hampshire...Prematurely Blue???

The New Hampshire results show a Kerry victory of 9,171 votes. The total number of votes lodged was 670,867. Of the total votes, 96,000 were individuals who registered to vote on the day of the election. That's roughly 15% of the total cast votes being attributed to individuals who showed up on the day of the election, and were not on the registration rolls.

In New Hampshire, it is not even necessary to show proof of citizenship or New Hampshire address. They fill out a "domicile affidavit" or "citizenship affidavit" if they cannot prove the previous.

This, of course, would be an invitation for Mass. residents to take advantage of the process and vote in New Hampshire if they wanted to gamble that the New Hampshire officials would not follow-up on the "domicile affidavit." However, it would appear as if the Secretary of State is going to follow up on this. A request has been forwarded to the Voter Registration Officials to determine how many people voted who could not prove their address to be in New Hampshire. If the number is significant...(in my mind, significant would be any figure equal to or above 9,171) there may be follow up on those individuals to determine their actual address.

One year in prison to the violators could make things interesting.

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