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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Now Yemen is getting Serious?

Yemen Society for Consumer’s Protection warns of toy guns

Journey into the realm of the surreal.

Long version: Yemen, if you have ever been there, is a virtual armory. Small firearms are sold openly in street bazaars. Estimates place about 50 Million such firearms within the tribal society. Of course, the UN did a survey back in 2003 and placed the total number of firearms at around 6 to 9 Million. However, in the very next sentence of their Geneva report they were quick to point out that the United States has a higher percentage of fire arms per citizen. Even the Yemen Interior Ministry estimates there are 60 million firearms in the hands of the country's 16 million people.

Short version: Yemen, one of the breeders of today's terrorists, has lots of freakin' guns.

So, today, the Yemen Society for Consumer’s Protection(YSCP) took a strong position on this "Wild West" in the "Middle East." They suggested in a strongly worded letter to the Interior Ministry that the increase of TOY guns is dangerous and becoming a problem. The letter specifically states "Children should not be allowed to have toy guns." There is no clarification as to whether these potentially deprived children should be allowed to have real guns.

The YSCP, also, wants to deprive their younsters of fireworks (also readily available on every street corner in Yemen). "The danger of firecrackers is that they make children more aggressive and eager for violence in attempt to imitate the elder people," according to those watchers of public safety.

Did you read that? "The danger of firecrackers is that they make children more aggressive and eager for violence in an attempt to imitate the elder people."

I suppose I could point out the obvious. I could describe in detail young master al-Rashid duct taping a collection of M-80s to his rope belt and giving a coronary to grandfather al-Rashid as he lounges under the canvas awning chewing his kat. But, that's provided grandfather al-Rashid wasn't revered posthumously years earlier for doing the same with Yemen's fashion contribution to the world, Semtex accessories.

Absolutely surreal.

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