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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Pour chaque action il y a une réaction égale et opposée

Ivory Coast in legal swipe at France
From correspondents in Brussels
The Herald Sun (Australia)

IVORY Coast would take France to the world court for violating bilateral defence accords after French forces destroyed Ivorian military aircraft, a lawyer for the Ivorians said today.

Meanwhile, French Defence Minister Alliot Michele-Marie acknowledged French troops might have been responsible for some Ivorian casualties during demonstrations earlier this month, having earlier said the deaths and injuries had been caused by clashes between demonstrators and local police.

Patricia Hamza, a lawyer working with an Ivory Coast presidential mission in Brussels, said a suit against France would be lodged with the International Court of Justice, the UN's highest legal body, in The Hague.

Yes, for every action (France joining 130 other countries in signing the 1998 Rome Treaty on the International Criminal Court) there is an equal and opposite reaction (having the Ivorians take France to International Criminal Court over two planes that comprised their Air Force). Actually, there is probably more of a case related to their crowd control protocol.

President Clinton signed the same Treaty in the eleventh hour back in 2000. President Bush, wisely, erased the endorsement promptly upon entering office the same year. Thank your lucky stars that the anti-American proponents of the ICC can’t pass judicial rendering on our soldiers. The Docket would be deluged with myriad examples of frivolity and political grand standing.

But alas we are still a sovereign nation and the perverted yammering of “one world justice” is still pushed beyond our borders…Best of luck to the "Croissant Crew." If it’s possible, may their soldiers receive fair judgment.

Vive la .

The Incessant Rant Home Page
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