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Friday, November 26, 2004

Professor Partisan...

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will add to his duties as governor by teaching an honors class at the University of New Mexico beginning next spring called: 'How New Mexico Government Works. The key players and the key issues.' (Pool/Reuters)

Rumor has it that the class will focus on two curricula.

Loyalty: A case study in acting as the greaser when your boss wishes to keep a certain oral princess in a blue dress quiet. Sometimes a UN Ambassador is obligated to make in person visits to her condominium on behalf of his superior. This is known in Government as saluting someone else’s flagpole.

Integrity: A case study in improper management skills. Students will be enlightened on the intricacies of losing nuclear secrets to foreign Communist governments while simultaneously holding the key position of overseeing the US Energy Policy when one did not exist.

Students will be encouraged to contribute to the classroom donation jar which will be located just inside the main entrance to Pascal Auditorium. They are to ignore the “Hillary 2008” signs as they are not related to the course. However, non-registered voters enrolled in the class are asked to meet with Marc McDaniels, Governor Richardson’s aid, just prior to the first seminar. Personal identification is not required.

Washington Times Blurb here states that Gov. Richardson, a Democrat who served in the Cabinet of President Clinton, approached the university about the class, Reuters news agency reports. It is planned for 100 students, but may expand, depending on demand, said Rosalie Otero, who directs the university's honors program.

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