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Monday, November 01, 2004

Rant: I am not a good winner...

I am not a good winner.

Being gracious in the onset of victory is for those who don’t really invest in the contest. I have invested. I have invested financially. I have invested emotionally. I have invested intellectually. And, I have invested my time. I am fully vested.

There is nothing erroneous in accepting true ownership of your award. There is nothing unethical in refusing to segment that which is bestowed on your behalf. Those willing to compromise their principles in the name of healing are poseurs of the truth rather than keepers of the flame.

I am not a good winner.

Some say that the competitiveness that surrounds the 2004 General Election needs to be diffused. They would argue that the “divide” within the ideology of a country has to be able to secure common ground so as to begin a healing process. I’m not inclined to agree with that perspective. Rather, it’s my position that to the victor go the spoils. To the victor go the responsiblilities of a nation’s future. To the victor goes the obligation to point out, and emphasis, the errors of the losers. And, most importantly, to the victor goes the position of authority from which to define the previous.

When the Left begins their slow climb off the floor following their defeat tomorrow, there will be a “talking point” among them. Will they ask for inclusion in the path of our Nation? Will they ask to be instrumental in policy domestically and abroad? Will they ask that their own political agenda be included within the sauce?

No, they will demand it.

It is time to forget about compromise. Because when the other party holds little that is meritorious not already in custody of the winners, there is no reason to reach out. There is no practical purpose in extending a hand to a collective only willing to accept it for their own benefit, and not under the motivation of bettering the Republic. When the Left went down the road of sacrificing integrity for power, it should have been an invitation for the rest of us to follow our instincts. When the Left finds it acceptable to continuously tear down the most extraordinary treasures of this country in pursuit of power and personal gains regardless of the cost, it is time to present them with that which they have earned; our backs.

I am NOT a good winner. But there is something you should know. I’m an even worse loser.

Vote my friends. And, when you are in that booth pulling the lever, touching the screen, stylin’ the chad, or flicking the switch remember those guys about 230 years ago. They weren’t good winners either. For that I will be ever grateful.

The Incessant Rant Home Page
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