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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Rant: More Right than I deserved...

(Allow me the opportunity to re-post this entry. I wrote it back in the middle of October more out of optimism than insight. As it turns out, I'm more often wrong than right. I get crushed in football pools. I don't even bother with lottery tickets...I'm saving that guilty pleasure for my golden years when lunch comes at 1030am. As is the case in all political analysis, any time you get one right you better take your "victory lap," otherwise you'll find yourself suffering the atrophy of faulty insight. But, this one I got right...More right than I deserved)

Circling the Bowl
October 16, 2004
By The Rant

Whether anyone is willing to admit it or not, the true Left is morally insolvent and devoid any valid platform.

Their leaders have reached a point where they cannot even admit they are L-i-b-e-r-a-l. Without placing primary magnitude on an identity, it becomes progressively complicated to convince thinking individuals why they should share their views.

Instead, the Left tries to describe itself in hyperbole. They don’t, specifically, stand for a valid concept or philosophy. They stand for many different concepts and philosophies. They are resigned, quite accidentally, to describe themselves in contrasting terms. Their self-proclaimed acceptance of “diversity” requires them to comprise their dwindling ranks with contradicting and hypocritical membership. Their rallying calls are for the "progressive,” “diverse,” and "more caring". Progressive towards what? Diverse compared to whom? More caring about what?

Unable to establish a solid majority, or more importantly, an identity, support for their way of thinking domestically has evaporate and they are forced to look abroad. There is no shortage of support overseas. However, it is not based on message, but founded on envy and the always open door of recurrent Socialism. As has always been the case, Europe and Asia are not interested in the message of the American Left. They are interested in siphoning the advantages held by The United States so as to forward their own gravitas within the world’s hierarchy. They feel that a world with more than one decisive authority is a safer world. Unfortunately, they base that opinion on their own selfish intentions. They don’t understand that we are not interested in controlling the proverbial world. We are more satisfied in improving the quality of the neighborhood by encouraging our neighbors to make an investment in their own sovereign selves. The Left, on the other hand, is willing to hand over the treasures that make the US extraordinary in order to regain a perceived sense of authority domestically while continuously ignoring the repercussions to our status internationally. Our foreign neighbors have never been adverse to these hand outs.

The Left cannot produce a candidate who adequately represents more than a small portion of their electorate, so they do the next best thing. They push their candidate based on a generated dislike for the other party's candidate. There has always been a veiled dishonesty in politics. However, as a political party loses its mainstream support, the application of dishonest representation gets revved up. That is what we are seeing now. When you factor in the application of instantaneous dissection of every statement in the growing cynicism of the informed, the party losing their bearings loses much more with each invalid utterance. A virtual library is now available to categorize their failings, misstatements, and insincerity. The leaders of their charge no longer possess an honored reputation, but one of cartoon characters. A country of cynics does not bode well for an ideology based on hyperbole and class warfare.

The media still has their political foot soldiers that push the party line. They used to be better at it, because so many could cradle that message within their own line of thinking without any sort of categorized reference or comparison. But, that connection is rarely in attendance anymore. As a result, the media has resorted to distortion, misrepresentation, and making rules up on the fly. Hyperbole has replaced message so as to engage a reader who is not looking for a concept, but contempt. However, that is not the most important change we are seeing within the newspapers, periodicals, radio, and television. We are seeing the emergence of honest journalism birthed within the belly of the beast. The materialization of Conservative Journals is only eclipsed by the outright growing popularity of media outlets willing to present a message that puts America first. Those media outlets wrapped up in leftist views are forced to decide between towing their leftist leanings and following their market share. So far, most of these outlets have only dabbled in what will ultimately save their bacon. The less brawny of these media outlets are already choking upon their demise. As America changes, so must their informers. If they do not, America will decide on a more relevant source. As the Gannetts and the Times Mirrors of this world are investigated for inflated circulation figures it becomes clear that presently they are content to avoid their definitive salvation. They are, not yet resigned to re-evaluate their message.

This election truly could seal the Left (Democrats) in an inexorable brand. With each General Election there has been more of a contrast between the message brought forth in the Democratic Primaries and the message brought forth in the General Election. With the current focus on national security America wants for consistency of message. The current state of the Democratic Party works against this principle. Reincarnation of the party would require nothing short of a "new party" more in touch with the line of thinking held by the domestic majority. This would be a win for all. But, there is, also, a great risk in the current status of the Left. Their desperate grasp at the side of the swirling bowl has moved their platforms to such a forbidden road that they are not adverse to direct damage to the country in their anxiety held panic. The Left is willing to compromise the morale and well being of America’s bravest fighting abroad in the creation of a lost identity. They are willing to sacrifice America’s best in pursuit of an undefined “substance.” It used to be that they would sacrifice success in the interest of a spotted newt habitat or junk science supported hazards. They have moved beyond this “innocuous position.” With the growing despondency within their diminished ranks they have traded the innocuous for the overtly damaging. They are cornered, and this election could, potentially, be their demise. That is what makes the Leftist minority so precarious. That is what makes this election so important.

Terrorism is not a disease. It cannot be passed off to a compartmentalized entity for processing. Terrorism is not a singular crime that can be pushed to a committee or an agency for concentrated evaluation and suggestion. Terrorism is an enemy in it own skin. It must be dealt with completely from all angles. It must be dealt with apolitically. The Left cannot grasp the “with us or against us” mentality because their instincts are to focus on how we are perceived. Their Socialistic tendencies have always torn them away from the notions of self-reliance and rugged individualism. They believe that those around them should control the overall position of what is “correct.” In that mindset they have given up what is right and what is wrong and have traded it in on what someone else (with underlying motives) thinks should occur. That, in its own right is an invasion of America’s sovereignty. It is an attack on our innovation, entrepreneurship, and identity. It is a compromise on our safety in the name of “international reputation.” It is a misstep in favor of appeasement and a cop out on principle.

The trial lawyers supporting the decaying walls of the Democratic Party see their meal ticket teetering on the edge of the parquet. Compassion for those not willing to access the opportunities within America’s boundaries is dwindling due to more pressing and immediate concerns of safety conscious Americans. Additionally, the trend in tort reform threatens the primary source of the Democratic Party’s coffers. The writing on the same wall has trended the DNC towards contributors of questionable character and underlying motives. Again, the peril of the Left’s extreme anxiety has led them down a road of dubious financial influence. When a faction with no clear universal concept welcomes in the influence of another faction bankrolling its existence, the obvious occurs. The original faction is for sale to the highest bidder. Again, principle is compromised in the name of existence.

The true Left is circling the bowl. They are grasping for the porcelain lip. However, the Left has, not yet, realized that their only salvation is to pull themselves out of their own hate created excrement and move towards a viewpoint reflecting common sense and reflective of reality not ideology. Instead, they are content to float in their own decaying waste with the foolish belief that everyone else wants to join them. This coming election will either overflow the bowl or produce the desired flush.

Let’s hope that the sewer is sufficiently reinforced to accept the inevitable.

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