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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Smack Down...2nd term starts a little early

..The sound you just heard was the second term of the Bush administration setting the tone even before it begins. Much to the chagrin of Democrats Chris Van Hollen, Barbara Mukulski, and Labor Union leaders everywhere, the White House further clarified their intent to put federal jobs up for competition from private firms.

Van Hollen and Mukulski (as well as their campaign money trains, the Labor Unions) wanted more rules governing job competitions and the selection process. Bush made it clear that he would Veto the Bill if those conditions survived committee.

George Will was on top of this one back in early October when he said.

Another Democratic faction, organized labor, profits from coercive laws that make mandatory some of the $8 billion it collects in members' dues. Substantial sums flow into Democratic coffers. Furthermore, organized labor is, increasingly, government organized as an interest group — public employees unions. The growth of organized labor is in those unions, whose members tend to vote Democratic, for government growth.

Bush is pressing to put hundreds of thousands of federal jobs up for competition with the private sector. Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform says: "The people who cut the Pentagon lawn are government employees. Why?" People listed in the phone book will do it cheaper. How many of the 15 million state and local government jobs could be privatized, with how many billions of dollars in savings? (snip)

In short, the Federal Employees Union will not have the same captive projects that limited the competitive pool, and allowed them to drive up the bid prices. So it’s understandable when they make comments such as:

American Federation of Government Employees President John Gage said, "Bush administration officials have consistently opposed all attempts to make the privatization process more accountable to taxpayers and more fair to federal employees."

Cry me a Unionized river. Ahhhh, but the good guys have this to say:

Federal contractors were quick to praise Congress' action. "The American taxpayer is the big winner under this legislation," said Chris Jahn, president of the Contract Services Association. "By allowing President Bush's competitive sourcing initiative to move forward, Congress chose competition over complacency."

Oh yeah, one more thing…Labor Unions collected over $8 Billion in membership fees last year. Mucho dinero ended up in the DNC coffers. The DNC can’t be overly enthusiastic about this privatization. Come to think of it, they tend to be a skeptical about any privatization.

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