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Sunday, November 21, 2004

They're going to need a bigger boat...

Bernadette Malone of the New Hampshire Union Leader has a nice piece on the other front of Conservatism. While everyone on the Left is focussing on the South, and the so-called "Bible Belt," they're missing a totally new front...The elite blue-state universities...

I am delighted to report that on college campuses on both coasts (and of course in “flyover country”), there are student-run independent newspapers that are battling the America-hating political scientists, Marxist economics professors, deconstructionist English departments, feminazis, pot-smoking philosophers, Birkenstocked war protestors, and the whole migraine headache that is the Campus Left. These conservative student newspapers are veritable hatcheries for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that helped get Bush reelected. (Snip)

She's not kidding...Personally, I've been advising local Conservative collegiate groups at various institutes of higher learning in my blue back yard. The growth of all three of those entities over the last year has can I put this...enlightening. One thing I've noticed is that young adults are, not necessarily, impressionable at that age, but they do like to establish their own identity. Going against the usual college Liberal, lock-step mendacity is such a path. In addition, the concept of individualism in Conservatism is quite sexy in such a setting.

I'd go so far as to encourage all Conservatives to seek out these collegiate groups in your own back yard and...well...give them at best, some a$$i$ least...some advice.

The Incessant Rant Home Page
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