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Friday, December 31, 2004

Boris Yeltsin: Hell on Wheels?

Boris Yeltsin has always been fodder, here in the West, for the occasional reference to overindulgence in adult beverages. However, if his long time body guard is to be believed, it was no joking matter.

Alexander Korzhakov, gave an interview to the Moscow Times that provides some of the disturbing details. Most prominent is the insistence that “After becoming president, an intoxicated Boris Yeltsin struck and killed a man in a driving accident…”

Holy Smokes!

Korzhakov is now promoting his memoirs (Boris Yeltsin: From Dawn to Dusk). This latest revelation is added in a special reprint edition. Apparently, at the time of the accident, which is described in the attached article, Gorbachev was trying to exploit any issue, regardless of size, to have Yeltsin removed from power. Korzhakov covered it up on Yeltsin’s behalf and never reported the accident to authorities.

I don’t know if the account is believable, since Korzhakov fell out of favor with Yeltsin in 1996 when he was fired during the election campaign. However, prior to that, you certainly can’t argue with Korzhakov’s unequaled access. The former KGB officer probably has some interesting stories to tell.

Friday, December 31, 2004
Korzhakov Drinks to an Era
By Francesca Mereu
Staff Writer

"Gorbachev, who at the time was dreaming of finding the smallest cause to remove the separatist Yeltsin from politics, would have rewarded anyone who had told him about the event," Korzhakov writes.

Korzhakov writes that he averted a potential crisis by repairing the Zhiguli. "It was turned into a new car ... [and] the owner did not report the accident to the police."

As for the injured man, "we bought medicines and changed doctors and hospitals. But after six months he died. We buried him as well, since he did not have any close relatives."

Asked when and where the event took place, Korzhakov said cryptically that it had happened in the early 1990s "in a certain small village."

(The rest of the article is here)

Incidentally, as a bonus…do you know which US President was arrested (that’s right, arrested) for Hit & Run while in office…and then failed to show up for a Washington DC Court Appearance?

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