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Monday, December 27, 2004


UPDATE #2: Six minutes of amazing raw video footage from Sri Lanka Reuters Television via the World Channel via NSB.
(Hat tip to

Click Photo for slide show available at the IHT (warning graphic)...

Thousands still missing as mass burials begin
(The Associated Press, Agence France-Presse)

Epicenter of quake was devastating wave-maker
(By Andrew C. Revkin The New York Times)

Tour firms cancel trips after tsunami
(Bloomberg News)

Kathy Kinsley of "On the Third Hand" is following this closely having spent time in the region, and understandably, is concerned for friends still there. She has posts
& Here-12/27/04

UPDATED with relief agencies:

International relief organizations are mobilizing to help the earthquake and tsunami victims. Contact information for some groups that are accepting donations:

American Red Cross
800-HELP-NOW (800-435-7669)

Mercy Corps

Doctors Without Borders

Action by Churches Together (ACT International ) ACT International

Or send internationally valid check specifying its designation to the earthquake/tsunami victims to:

ACT International
Ecumenical Centre
Route de Ferney 150
P.O. Box 2100
CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland

Catholic Relief Services

Direct Relief International

International Medical Corps

International Orthodox
Christian Charities
Middle East Crisis Response

Operation USA

(As listed in USA TODAY-12/27/04)

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