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The Incessant Rant Home Page

Monday, December 13, 2004

Everyone's a Critic

I'm no rocket scientist. So, keep that in mind.

You might have noticed that I just couldn't leave that generic listing of links alone. The more user friendly the better. So, I added my own perspective to the blog roll listing over there on the left side of the page. Now, you might not agree with my descriptions. Hell, you may even be offended by some of them. I hope that's not the case. Because, if you're on the list, that means I like to visit, and I consider the content valuable. Want proof? Do you see Wonkette over there?

As time goes by I'm sure I'll edit my comments sporadically. People are influenced by events, experiences, and medication. By default, so are blogs.

One final thought. Some of my comments are significantly limited by the amount of space that I had available. You try summing up a site in about 100 characters. It's no picnic. So, the descriptions are hampered by necessity and practicality. If I described a site in a limited capacity and missed the real focus of your (or their) efforts...well, then, call it my fault. No offense intended.

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