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Friday, December 31, 2004

I am Nostradamus, with a brain injury...

I'M pretty poor in the prediction department. So, as I stetch out here relaxing with a glass of Laphroaig and branch water complimented by a Punch Maduro, I thought I'd prove it to you. So, for the rest of the early evening, in anticipation of some rubber chicken cash bar event later on tonight, I'll be adding my list of 2005 prophecies. They'll be coming a couple at a time, so check back later if you feel like pointing your finger and laughing at my Naïveté...


Science--- Nanotechnology became a term of familiarity this year. In 2005 you will see why. By the end of 2005 it will be a household word related to everything from medicine to stain free pants. Higher curriculum will put plans on the budgeting table to consider focusing degrees in this specific discipline.

Products will be made cleaner, stronger, lighter, and more precise. Computer hardware will take another large leap to “who knows where.” 2004 introduced nanotechnology to the layman. 2005 will provide nanotechnology a home.

Medicine---There will be the dabbling in cloning as in the last three years. But, that won’t be 2005’s calling card. 2005 will begin a trend in medicine that has been long overdue. The incessant management of common illness has, too long, been treated with the application of myriad antibiotics (from toddler on up). As a result, a whole generation has weakened their natural defenses within their own body to be able to combat disease without medical intervention. With the recent events in South East Asia, focus will turn to the ineffectiveness of once useful medicines. Before the end of the year, American doctors will be on the firing line for their excessive prescribing of Drug Company pushed products.

Politics---Government Workers Union(s) members may want to update their resumes. “Privatization” will be the word that invokes chuckles from Republicans and thinly veiled disdain by their counterparts. You know that union employee that mows the lawn between the reflecting pool and the Smithsonian? Well, come about June, see if there isn’t a beat up red pick-up truck with a “Bob’s Landscaping” sign plastered on the side. There are, literally, 100’s of thousands of unionized jobs that are going up for grabs before we bid adieu to 2005. Democrats will put up a fuss because this is a meal ticket contribution cow for them. Who will be pulling the switch…?(get this) Grover Norquist.

Tort reform? I hope not. We aren’t ready yet. Something else has to occur first (more on that later…before the end of the long weekend). Did I mention that I have 20 years in the insurance industry and I’m totally against tort reform at the very present? I’ll let you know why shortly.

Arts & Literature (contemporary)---Besides my favorite author (Jack DuBrul) coming out with a new Philip Mercer thriller you might want to keep an eye out for a brand new murder mystery author (wink, wink) popping up on the scene sometime late in the year. Here’s the abridged version (New York City, little known history, maniacal antagonist, eccentric protagonist, big ass Great Dane, and a chip off the ol’ block…plus Virgil’s BarBQue).

Also, Linda Fairstein will break out “Entombed” the 4th of January. However, the real signatures of 2005 will arrive on the big screen.

The final installation of Star Wars will, absolutely, murder any previous box office records…and George Lucas will go out on a high note by delivering the best of the 6. Spielberg will roll out “War of the Worlds” starring Tom Cruise. That will be a moneymaker. My sleeper pick is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Don’t ask me why. I just have a hunch. 2005 will close with a bang thanks to the newest in the Harry Potter series, Goblet of Fire; The Lion, the Witch the Wardrobe; and Peter Jackson’s latest adventure, King Kong. But, I’m telling you, keep an eye out for “Hitchhiker.”

War on Terror---

IRAQ---If you are a terrorist in Iraq and you’ve managed to keep your posterior in one piece to date, it’s been nice knowing you. Once the elections are out of the way, there will be a significant effort to instill ownership on the newly trained Iraqi Special Forces, and law enforcement. Right now, whether the US likes it or not, we have been walking on egg shells of a sort. Any exploitable incident is the proverbial horse bit that can rain a political hot plate of backlash which would threaten the elections. However, once they’re in the can so are the attached political ramifications.

In addition, pressure against Iran and Syria by the US, and the new Iraqi government will not just be rhetoric. The result will be both countries being pressured into physically policing their borders (in and out). In short, a true no holds barred hunting season on foreign Jihadists opens February 1st, and there is no limit.

As 2006 sneaks in, US Military presence in Iraq will start decreasing

IRAN---Protest Warrior better book their seats now. Iran is going to become the premier “Mecca of protest” and discourse this coming year. The Mullahs are going to attempt to control the growing discontent by taking away from the already oppressed. Big mistake. Workers will be protesting for lack of paid wages. Hospitals (which were privatized under recent government edict) will continue to decay as a majority have already filed for bankruptcy. Pro-democracy advocates will gain an unprecedented degree of support from the common Iranian as Iraq leads by example. Playing off the restlessness caused by corruption, poverty, and tyranny, students, then business owners, then (reinvigorated “reformists”) will demand changes.

Iran’s nuclear weapon endeavors will be the foremost bargaining issue of 2005. It won’t be too far into the year before the US pushes the EU out of the way and takes the lead on the issue. Simultaneously, operatives will be active within deep Iran stirring up the mix a bit. Don’t plan an Iranian vacation this year. They’re going to be busy.

CHINA---China has problems. Sure, their economy continues to grow (so they say). But, internally, they have a “Jimmy Hoffa” dilemma. There have been an unprecedented number of riots and protests within the Mainland. The interesting thing about these events is that they are, no longer, confined to specialized and individual, one issue groups. Multiple issue events are taking place motivated by the continued corruption, class differences, and demands for more favorable working conditions. China’s ability to out bid the rest of the planet on cost is about to be challenged from within. Child labor, sub-par wages, and government abuses will give way to massive protest. China is entering the Hoffa Age as the US did 5 decades ago. It’s going to cost them. That, by default, doesn’t bode well for the growing relationships with Iran, the EU, and Russia. As a result, all three of those entities will have to tone down the rhetoric with the US.

Oh hell, that's enough...running late...
Happy New Year !!

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