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Friday, December 24, 2004

Integrity by Proxy
(What happens when the consigliore is exposed as a cad?)

ON December 16th, the Rainforest Action Network “asked” a group of Connecticut second graders to travel to New York City and “hand deliver over 700 colorful handmade posters from children around the world asking William B. Harrison, chief executive officer of JP Morgan Chase, to keep his promise and stop lending money to projects that destroy endangered forests and cause global warming.” That’s from the RAN press release.

Disregard the actual statistics on deforestation. Disregard the absolute inconclusive evidence of global warming. Disregard the incredible gall attached to this Leftist “Chicken Little” organization using second grade pigeons in their political venture. Ignore all of that. Even ignore that media was clued in on the visit so that the cute little kids could be exploited for the posterity of cretin environmentalists on International news shows. The media is good at sniffing out the news. But, they’re not that good.

No. Instead, concentrate on why the six and seven year olds were there in the first place. Focus on why RAN didn’t just leave the kiddos in their Thursday classes up in Fairfield Connecticut so that they could get to work on improving our poor ranking of Math and Science global comparisons. Why use youngsters in the “cause.”

I’ll tell you why. It’s because RAN, and many of the remaining Leftist organizations hold no credibility or attraction on their own. Their haphazard generalizations, reckless accusations, and unfounded conclusions have destroyed any gravitas that they might have enjoyed. They’re flakey, almost; derelict physical appearances have allowed the public to toss off their messages as unwanted and unwarranted purely on their inability to come across as a representative of someone sane.

As a result, many of the Leftists have been forced to approach their goal through the mouths, appearances, and efforts of others. They are politicizing by proxy. This latest example just shows how downright desperate their status has become. Second graders understand lending practices of venture capitalists? Six year olds know who William B. Harrison is? Kids in their second year or elementary school know the intricacies of JP Morgan Chase? Please!

This is not a fluke. The direct messages and messengers of the Leftist agenda are pitifully inadequate to make anything but a negative impression on most “common” folks in this country. By bringing in a third party to push their agenda, they have been banking on the reputations, popularity, and appeal holding up long enough to keep their intended recipients from tuning them out with immediacy. However, in a world of growing skepticism and sophistication of necessity, these proxy groups are, no longer, as effective.

Hollywood is a great example. It used to be that star power was all it took. Shows such as Laugh-In pushed a weekly dose of political content in a humorous setting. The show was damn popular despite an, arguably, Leftist message. The difference was that those on the show knew what they were. They were aware of their limitations. They accepted that they were actors and comedians (with an occasional politician). They didn’t insist that they were the voice of their viewers, except, maybe, for perennial Presidential candidate Pat Paulson. Then, the humor disappeared. The jocularity and self-degradation gave way to narcissistic opinion. Somewhere between the 70’s and the present; actors, singers, and other so-called entertainers became the proxy group of a multitude of Leftist agendas. Laura Ingraham chopped this phenomenon to pieces in last year’s release of “Shut up and Sing.”

As the fortune cookie says, “You are known by the company that you keep.” Such became the case with Hollywood. They have, quite correctly, become the obvious whipping boy of clear thinking Americans. They have lost their star power persuasion simply because they had chosen to represent a message of ill repute from the original messengers of that message. In essence, the proxy group has dirtied themselves to such an extent that they are, now, written off as easily as the groups that they agreed to represent. That’s how we end up with second graders blowing off a full day of necessary classroom instruction in exchange for pushing an unproven environmentalist’s agenda in front of media cameras. You can’t impugn a six year old without coming off like an insensitive jerk. The Left has resorted to involving proxy groups that can’t be held responsible for the misguided directions in which they are led.

Some of the other proxy groups of the left in operation aren’t as obvious. However, they, too, are beginning to lose their “Emperor’s new clothes.” Interestingly, it is, again, the message that is pulling open the curtain.

In the recent past, only the politically savvy could distinguish the leftist slant that sautés our daily intake of main stream media news. The news media has been a “covert” proxy messenger for the “overt” left for years. However, the veiled efforts have been clever and subtle. As a result, there has been less focus on just how invested they were in the Left. That’s changed for a whole host of reasons. First and foremost has been the new ability to compare their message to newer media outlets that show a different angle to a story. Entities such as Fox News, Conservative leaning radio talk show hosts, and market filling print publications recognized a previously ignored market share of moderates, conservative, and “Reaganite hangers” on. Oh what a death throw this produced.

All of a sudden there was somewhere to go for the political layman to compare facts. A story in the New York Times chastising the US Economy, for example, could now be placed side by side with that same story as evaluated by Walter Williams. And editorial by Jesse Jackson could be compared to the thoughts of Rev. Jesse Peterson. In short, the alternatives created the ability to challenge, question, and impugn the once monopolized opinion. This aptitude did nothing short of compartmentalize the reality that our media had not been honest. Figures such as Walter Cronkite had not been above reproach. Dan Rather was not, so much, the straight shooter that he purported to be. Critics of the New York Times could credibly point to embellished slants and outright falsities without someone rolling their eyes in indifference. The label had been established. The main stream media was exposed as the proxy messenger of the Leftist agenda and there is no going back except on substance and content. Despite their fall is market share and print circulation, they are still refusing this corrective path. At the same time, the “Fox New’s”, and the increasing popularity of Right thinking authors is shooting through the roof.

This is just another example of Leftist mouthpiece (the main stream media) being dirtied by the very messenger that employed their tools. The more blatant they became in that relationship, the more sullied they have become. Then the crescendo; Dan Rather, Mary Mapes, and CBS News got caught red handed in the Leftist cookie jar trying to push forged documents in an effort to further the tainted leftist message. Enter the blogs.

Weblogs of the layman, expert, and once removed took on a life of their own. The true sense of a “melting pot” (not in nationality, but in opinion expertise) brought down the truth hammer. The original concept of “town hall” by the Founding Fathers of the United States raised its apathetic head, looked around, and did the duty intended. They did so from a position that can’t be debased due to the very fact that they, exclusively, represent opinion and not unchallenged fact. As the main stream media tries in, anxiety, to lessen the blow to their information monopoly by suggesting regulations on what they refer to as a “dangerous” misuse of the medium, the blogs relentlessly attack that very line of thinking by pointing out the underlying motives, and continuing abuse by the accusers. Weblogs are a spider web that keeps catching flies. Those flies are not very convincing in their attempts to talk their way out of their coming fate. Once again, the proxy messengers have overstepped their bounds only to become placed under the same label as their leftist users.

It doesn’t stop there. The Left depends on proxy politicizing at the very heart of their movement. Whenever a race based issue is initiated, the Congressional Black Caucus takes the lead. You end up with politicians such as Bill Clinton recalling the burning of non-existent “Black Churches.” An ad hoc collective of alleged civil rights leaders end up sending press release type letters to Congressional Committee chairmen challenging the nominations of the Alberto Gonzales’ of the world. Politicians such as Al Gore somehow come up with homeless citizens from Pennsylvania taking the spot light at a town hall presidential campaign appearance. You end up with the AFL-CIO showing up at Republican Campaign HQ in a supposed “spontaneous” protest. You end up with a overt Communist political organizations endorsing a candidate from the Democratic Party while that very candidate is making every effort to move towards a position that would be perceived as palatable to the right leaning electorate. You end up with a non-consistent message delivered by organizational entities that have no interest in anything but their own individual narrow focus. They are not invested in the overall positions of the party they support. More importantly, they are not invested in their country as a whole. They are invested in tapered ideology that affects them. They don’t get behind the position of their candidate. They get behind the negative attacks of their candidates challenger. The obvious differences in their candidate’s primary election and general election make allegiance on message impossible for anyone other than a bi-polar schizophrenic.

How else can you explain an inability of the left to win through legislation, but succeed through propagation of their message by another proxy; trial lawyers? Supported by activist Judges, the trial lawyers challenge referendum initiatives after the electorate has made known the choice of the majority. Case law, unashamedly, butchers legislation to fit the leftist agenda, and not the will of the people. In turn, the trial lawyers fill the campaign coffers of the DNC to the tune of $120 Million. That’s more than twice the amount contributed to Republicans. Yet, the recent interest in “tort reform” has shed light on this symbiotic relationship. If it is possible, the reputation of the trial lawyers has suffered irreparable damage simply by their willingness to act as the mediator of the Left.

The fraught forged within the left has forced out into the open their once veiled relationship with their proxy partners. This conventional wisdom has forced a second generation of such relationships. The fact that second graders are the “tool” of choice is an outright barometer of just how frantic their situation has become. They have created skepticism in the American people that are leading to a more conscious effort to remove them from power. As the pundits and populists are quick to point out that historical politics is cyclical in this regard, don’t be so sure. As the Left loses their tools of camouflage they end up running out of messengers. That suggests the possibility that the only way to turn around the results is to change their message so that it is more in line with the people they wish to represent. How else could you explain Leftist extraordinaire, Nancy Pelosi considering a Pro Life DNC leader? The Left is, actually, compromising one of their own proxy groups (Planned Parenthood) in the process.

Incidentally, Canada might be in for a bit of a surprise in the not too distant future. Fox News has just been approved for broadcast up north. As potential right thinking Canadians gain an alternative in media, so cultivates an alternative in opinion. Opinion creates a necessity of voice. Canadian OpEd journalists such as Salim Mansur may gain readers as a result. Missteps of the proxy groups binding Ottawa’s agenda will invoke questionable ordinance. Don’t be surprised if the citizens start questioning leftist decision making with more vigor and force out into the open those proxy groups protecting the socialistic bacon.

I'm not against a six year old having an opinion. I am against a six year old serving as a proxy to those who have destroyed their own reputations in reckless abandon just as they continue to destroy the reputations of their first generation proxy representatives. The Left will keep tearing themselves, and their messengers to pieces until someone gets the brilliant idea that, perhaps, the message needs to be re-evaluated. We have quite a while before that happens in earnest.

Until then, get some popcorn and enjoy the marionette show. That Dan Rather sure can dance.

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