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Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Kinja "Ninja"...

I've only been doing this "blog" thing for about a month and a half now. So, in comparison to many I have a reserved seat on the "short bus." However, one of the most useful (and time saving) gizmos that I have stumbled across so far is Kinja, the weblog guide. Perhaps I can save some of the newer bloggers some personal stumbling time.

Kinja, the weblog guide is a weblog portal, collecting news and commentary from some of the best sites on the web. Or, you can do what I did, and create your own personal listing of Blogs you want to track. The obligatory benefits list goes like this:


--keep up with favorite authors, and friends who blog
--discover new weblogs
--save time: scan excerpts before clicking through
--legible excerpts, rather than a list of headlines, or a garbled search result
--no knowledge of RSS or syndication standards required
--no reader application to download, accessible from any computer
--favorites page easily shared with friends and colleagues

My personal listing includes the following:
On The Third Hand
Power Line
Outside The Beltway
Galley Slaves
Cold Fury

Currently, LGF and Patrick Ruffini can't be tracked by Kinja, the weblog guide , but they are continuously updating, and will be able to do so eventually.

You're welcome to share my personal tracks by clicking the icon...or create your own. Mine isn't password protected. So ends the lesson on something that I think is novel (and everyone else probably already knew about)...

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