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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Kyoto: What the media "forgets" to tell you

From the "Did you know?" department...

I have, almost, an obsession with the inanity and overt idiocy of the Kyoto Protocol. In that theme...Did you know?

---that the only reason Russia signed onto the Treaty was because Europe agreed to support their bid to join the World Trade Organization?

---that the rise in CO2 emissions is not the highest in the United States (despite significantly out distancing other countries in production). The most prominent producers of CO2 emissions are China and India. Yet, the Kyoto Protocol Treaty does not require those countries to comply with the strictures. In fact, nothing would please the supporters of the Kyoto sham more than to prop up the Chinese economy while imposing more regulations on the US so as to lessen the dominance of the United States?

---that the US spends more on research on clean air strategies than any other country on the planet. And, the US holds more than 200 agreements with other nations for scientific studies and the development of clean-energy technologies?

---that a significant number of nations supporting the Kyoto nonsense overtly comment in the media that it is, indeed, an effort to redistribute global wealth?

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