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Friday, December 17, 2004

Loud and Clear...

TODAY, Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi let loose with one of the most powerful weapons in the entire Middle East. It required no bullets, shells or missiles. It merely required words.

Without doubt, the most dangerous foe of the Mullahs in Iran, and the Jihad supporters in Syria is the concept of Democracy in their back yard. A successful Democracy in Iraq provides a voice. It provides a voice of reason; and of justice. Eventually, a successful Democracy in Iraq will provide a voice of action(s). As those parties oppressed in bordering countries such as Syria and Iran see what is possible, the iron clad rule by militant Theocracy will have an even greater antagonist.

Even something as rote as a demand to Syria to assist in addressing their poor choice in harboring fugitive Iraqis thought to have been orchestrating rebel attacks in Iraq is a harbinger of the future.

With this simple demand to Syria, Allawi leaves little doubt that residing next to a, soon to be, Democratic Iraq carries certain responsibilities. As the economy of oil rich Iraq grows back into a force within the region another non-violent weapon will be added to the Iraqi arsenal; financial influence, opportunity, and betterment.

Perhaps the acting rulers of Iran and Syria will continue to ignore Iraq’s growing voice. However, those oppressed within the “neighborhood” will, likely, hear it loud and clear.

The hour glass is starting to turn.

Iraq PM accuses Syria of harbouring insurgent chiefs
Agence France-Presse
Dubai, December 17

Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi stepped up his US-backed government's war of words with neighbouring Syria accusing its government of harbouring fugitive aides of Saddam Hussein whom it accused of orchestrating rebel attacks.

"Sebewi al-Tikriti, former head of the general security service, is in Syria with other former security officials," Allawi told the Dubai-based satellite news channel Al-Arabiya.

"We wrote to our brothers in Syria to draw their attention to these people who are wanted and who should be extradited to Iraq.

"They should put a stop to their destructive activities because these people are directing terrorist activities in Iraq," the hawkish premier charged.

It was the latest salvo in a mounting US-led campaign against alleged interference in the new Iraq by Syria and its key regional ally Iran.

Both governments have rejected the accusations, and Syria earlier this year signed an agreement with the United States for joint patrols of the allegedly porous border with Iraq to stop any influx of militants.

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