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Friday, December 17, 2004

Planning ahead is for suckers...

HERE'S some free advice for those who try and plan their life... Don’t.

Just ask British political columnist and (more importantly) author, Stephen Pollard. He had spent the last three years penning a biography on the, very recently, “ex” British Home Secretary, David Blunkett. It was scheduled to be released in January. With an armada of fifty plus interviews and “some good stories,” Pollard was looking forward to a lively and eventful upcoming month after relaxing through December.

However, as reported by Power Line on Wednesday via various sources, and as alleged in the Sunday Telegraph three weeks ago, Blunkett had an alleged affair with a newlywed. Add in possible elicit lovechild to the mix. Then throw in the news of Blunkett’s resignation etc.

Pollard's plans for the January promotion of his book came early. With it came quite a ride…

Check out how he categorizes the last week on his blog…It’s a great insight on what happens when plans go awry, and what promotion of your work can, sometimes, entail. What great fun...

The Incessant Rant Home Page
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