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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tales from the Tail…

There’s this guy with a blog, a radio show, a law degree, his own personal pleasure cruise, and, oh yeah, a book

I had the good fortune to pick up Hugh Hewitt’s latest endeavor last night on the way back from a meeting. I was fortunate on two levels. First, (and Hugh will like this) it was the last copy in stock at this particular Connecticut Barnes & Noble Bookseller. Of course, this is Connecticut, so it is entirely possible they mistakenly lost a crate of them behind the endless piles of Gus Hall biographies and vegan cookbooks.

Secondly, it was a quick and informative read that gets you nodding in agreement while simultaneously thinking that there’s a lot more to discuss on the topic. Working on the follow-up yet Hugh? I thought so.

It’s an excellent introductory work to the Blogosphere; almost an invitation to jump on board. His enthusiasm for the “new” medium translates throughout. Average books are based on knowledge. Good books are based on knowledge and passion. Excellent books share that passion with the reader. Hugh…mission accomplished.

The most impressionable chapter to me deals with the various reasons that people “blog.” He does a little categorizing based on some of the more prominent ones out there on the digital plain. But, I’d venture to guess he had the desired result in my case, because I took a few minutes to contemplate my own involvement. I came to the disheartening conclusion that I like to hear myself talk, and the disturbing supposition that I don’t always know what I’m going to say. I guess that’s something.

Quite frankly I don’t get a lot of traffic on this site. Although, I’m surprised by the number of visitors that do show up (and come back). David Sifry (founder of would refer to me as part of the “tail” as pointed out by Hewitt in “Blog.” I, kind of, like it that way. It’s easier to develop camaraderie and shared interest. Those of us in the “tail” tend to rely less on links and more on “thinks” to a degree. In my opinion, some of the most cerebral, entertaining, and analytical opinions are right out there on the sites that are off the main interstate a couple miles. Nothing in blogland is better than finding an elusive backwoods restaurant with the delicious homemade fare that leaves you wanting more, not yet discovered by the "city folk."

Hugh Hewitt hits all the key notes and works the scales a bit on the future of the medium. But, the lasting impression present cover to cover was the overt delight he has in what blogs have done, what blogs are doing, and what blogs will do…He loves this stuff and it shows. So do I…

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