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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Thinner Blue Line...

THERE are others who serve this country outside of the military.

Law enforcement is not a "9 to 5'er" when done properly, and with dedication. Each year, about this time, we start seeing tabulations and statistics from the year ending. This, in my opinion, is one of the most important. The men and women of law enforcement put their lives on the line & personal plans on hold when necessary. They are the ones that hold off traffic while you change a tire on the freeway. They are the ones that show up in the middle of the night because you thought you heard a noise downstairs. They are, even, the ones who make it a point to go to your child's school to teach them a little about personal responsibility and repercussions of misbehavior.

They face knives, guns, baseball bats, and bombs. They deal with thieves, pedophiles, forgers and murderers. They are our domestic front to the war on terror.

Sometimes they give you a ticket for pushing a little too hard on the accelerator. Sometimes they just give you sound advice in that regard. There are times when they take more than their share of abuse from citizens and the press alike. There are times when they deserve it, and they make solid efforts to address those problems.

154 Law enforcement officers died in the line of duty this year. That is just under one every other day. Unfortunately, statistics say that the tally might not yet be finished for 2004. Regardless of the cause or the means in which they perished, each man or woman leaves a void in our community. They deserve to be honored for their service…

Group: 154 officers died in line of duty in 2004

— Law enforcement organizations reported Tuesday that 154 officers died in the line of duty in 2004, nearly half of them in traffic-related accidents.

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and Concerns of Police Survivors said the statistics for 2004 were compiled from reports through Dec. 24.

Seventy-two local, state and federal officers died from traffic-related accidents while 57, about one-third, died from shootings, the organizations said. A variety of causes led to the other deaths.(Continued here)

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