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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Tip Jars and Wish Lists?
(kind of gauche... isn't it?)

PERHAPS someone can enlighten me on the norm of online "begging." I seem to be unable to grasp the concept, and in most cases, the necessity.

For example, today I happened across a couple of sites that requested "tips" accompanied by a post indicating that this was necessary so that the "blog" could continue. Funny thing is...the blogs were on Blogspot. Last time I checked, that service was free. Either that, or I'm getting a better deal than anyone else. A significant majority of service created blogs are, either, free or very minimal in cost. Yet, there are these requests to "keep things going" via donations.

It doesn't end there, however. As we approach the holidays (and indeed, find ourselves upon them) I've seen "wish lists." In other words, bloggers, specifically, requesting donations to buy themselves a gift. Huh? I just don't subscribe to the thought of asking complete strangers for cash and carry so that you can grab that PDA or software you've been oogling. I've even seen some bloggers who have an income equal to any five cumulative bloggers asking you to buy them books. What the hell is that about?

Is this the 21st Century version of selling pencils on the street corner;...sans pencils? Or is this something else entirely that my pointy little head is not willing to grab onto?

Some of the more prominent and popular sites have a, potentially, valid cause. The astronomical traffic could, indeed, trigger a necessity for voluminous bandwidth. That can cost a few sheckles. And, if you're that popular, well, it's understandable that you would look to your readers (fans/groupies) to help foote the bill. That, sort of, makes sense.

Just a word of advice. Those of you requesting donations (and receiving them), and pulling in some green via the google Advertising (and the like) better take the copyright statutes to heart. Posting full articles while in a "commercial" venture is a Court proven violation of the law, and actionable, both, in Criminal and Civil court.

So, someone please fill me in...

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