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Monday, December 13, 2004

We still suck...

HOW could we possibly go on without the consistent inanity of the Associated Press. Will Lester, the AP Poll extraordinaire, strikes again with one of those “the rest of the world thinks we’re wankers” polls.

You may recall the early September pre-election poll of the World handicapping their picks and hopes for the, then, upcoming US General Election. In that poll (of 34,000 subjects) 14 of 17 countries overwhelmingly supported Senator Kerry. It was a thorough international butt whooping. And, it served no purpose other than the attempt to give the, then, drowning Kerry campaign some, much needed, buoyancy. Realists would file those results just south of the Weekly Reader poll.

Today, the AP-Ipsos released the results of a poll taken Nov. 19-27. Now, this may surprise you, but the rest of the world still has a pretty unenthusiastic opinion of President Bush. The poll goes further to confirm that Americans, in general, are not favored by the French, Germans, or Spanish.

Anti-Americanism in the digestive tract of Old Europe? Shocking!

Today: December 13, 2004 at 9:24:19 PST
Polls: Europe Negative on Bush Re-Election

At least seven in 10 in France, Germany and Spain said they have an unfavorable view of President Bush. Just over half of the French and Germans said they have an unfavorable view of Americans in general, and about half of Spaniards felt that way.

Especially inclined to have an unfavorable opinion of Bush in those countries were people between ages 18 and 24. A majority of all respondents in France, Germany and Spain said they were disappointed that Bush won a second four-year term, defeating Democrat John Kerry. (snip)

…Just over half of the people in France, Germany and Spain had an unfavorable view of Americans, but a solid majority in Australia (69 percent), Britain (60 percent), Canada (80 percent) and Italy (56 percent) expressed a favorable opinion. (snip)

In clarification, the dumping ground of Democratic Socialism and Marxism doesn’t approve of the propagator of capitalism, and inalienable rights. More apt, they are predisposed to putting more emphasis on how their actions are perceived. Socialists believe that everyone should own and control the means of production and what is 'right.' Therefore, the opinions of everyone else take on a more important role than their own sovereign opinions and interests. Simply put, they don’t understand how our “wankerous” history has molded a higher level of free thought and free will in more than half of us.

Still, that’s not the point of the poll. The Associated Press and Belgium based Ipsos needed something to bolster the nationwide protests that took place today. After all, if you are going to try and “de-legitimize” a decisive election result just before the electoral vote, and all you have are the same dwindling derelict sign holders marching back and forth in front of a government building listening to Bob Marley, you’re going to need some bigger guns. I guess that’s why the Associated Press held onto this poll data for three weeks, and only polled 1,000 people in each country.

Perhaps I’m a cynic.

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