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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Wishful Drinking...

Getting stranded between flights can have its advantages.

Midway International had Harry Carey’s Bar and Grill and just enough Vodka Gibsons to get me thinking. I got this curious idea of what type speech I would like to see Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi make to the Iraqi people immediately following the elections at the end of January. So, I wrote one...

Had there been any attractive women in the bar, this might have made a pretty good ice breaker.

"What cha typin'?"

"A speech for Prime Minister Iyad Allawi."

NOW is the time...

Now is the time for my Iraqi brothers and sisters to come together as one to achieve all of our aspirations. You have freedom and justice in your sights and for your part, you must grasp it. Take hold with a passion of which you thought you could never know. It is here for you, and you must seize it for your own.

There is violence in this wondrous country of ours. There are those who would take your new found freedom and pervert it to the days of yesterday. They would return to the beatings, the torture, the privileges to the few and the suffering of the many. To them we must say “no.” We must decisively, conclusively, and unfalteringly state that we will not go back. Iraq has a future of hope; a future of decency; prospect of righteousness. You, my friends, are on the eve of this dream. And, you must grasp it with all your strength.

Now is the time…

We cannot sit and wait for the Americans, or the British, and others to do this for us. We cannot expect freedom and liberty to magically appear within our presence without price. We must earn it for ourselves. We must make our own justice. For we have a vested interest in the future of this country. Our children have that same bound necessity. Our children’s children will someday know that it is because of you, my brothers and sisters, that they live a life of freedom, and boundless opportunity. There is no greater gift that you could provide. None. There is no greater bequest that could be received. Such an opportunity is here, today. Covet it, for it is yours to know at its birth. It is yours to shape, to nurture and to grow. Iraq is yours and she needs you.

Now is the time to move beyond our recent past and learn from our ancestors of old. The Code of Hammurabi basks in the concern of the ruler for the weak, the widow, and the orphan. In a democracy the ruler is each and every one of you. With that representation derives a responsibility to your neighbors. We were once the envy of the world as one of the first civilizations to honor our citizens with Mesopotamian legal theory. That sense of justice must be returned in full so that the world can, again, look upon our great land to see the honor and pride that Iraqis take in their fairness to their fellow man. These are not tasks that can take place tomorrow. People of Iraq; now is the time.

Now is the time to put away our petty differences that pale in comparison to this task at hand. Dwell not upon your weariness, your strength shall be according to the measure of your desire. There is an old Iraqi proverb that says “Two cats can strangle one dog.” Think of that my friends as you face the hardships created by the miscreants fighting our efforts to move beyond Saddam Hussein’s tyranny. We are all Iraqi. We are a proud people entitled to a more equal representation. And, we are, also, 25 Million cats under siege by a handful of unruly dogs. Now is the time, my friends, to end their lawlessness. Now is the time to remove these foreign weeds from our garden so that it can grow in peace and prosperity. NOW IS THE TIME.

Some have accused the Americans of invading our sovereign soil in their own self-interest. They have been accused of being more interested in what dwells under our soil rather than the remarkable people who dwell on top of it. I do not believe this to be true. I have seen the schools they have rebuilt. I have watched them return our water works and our electrical facilities to working order. I have witnessed, first hand, the absolute respect and dignity that they instill in my fellow citizens. They are not invaders. They are liberators. I recognize the opportunity that they have placed in front of us. Regardless of what you believe to be their motives, my fellow Iraqis, the simple fact of the matter is that the Americans have given you a tremendous opportunity. We cannot let it pass us by. We will not.

I will leave you with another Iraqi proverb that, without a doubt exists in many different cultures throughout the world. “A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step.” Now is the time to take that step. Do not fear those who would stand in your way. You have the strength and the brotherhood of free Iraq at your side. You, also, have the support of many beyond our shores who are looking to Iraq to set an example of peace and prosperity throughout our corner of the world. It is up to us to show them the real potency of our resolve.

Now is the time…

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