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The Incessant Rant Home Page

Monday, January 24, 2005

"The Blue State Conservatives"

I meant to put this up previously. However, as muttered by high school couples everywhere, in the weeks following the prom, “better late than never.”

A couple days ago, I added “The Blue State Conservatives (TBSC) ” to the blogroll. The name of the joint is self-explanatory.
However, in the event that you wandered in here, quite accidentally, from Berkley, Wellesley, or some other established re-education camp I’ll spell it out.
TBSC is, simply, Conservative blogging from the “Blue States” (States won by Kerry during the 2004 General Election). Let’s face it, the “Blue States” are a target rich environment for Conservatives. So, there is never a shortage of good material. While the site is, basically, in its infancy, the good stuff is already flowing. In addition, if you are graced with residence within a “Blue State” and would like to enlighten the masses on anything (political or cultural) pertaining to your domicile…take advantage of Blue Monday…and take on the role of ad hoc contributor to the site. I’m sure they would appreciate the visit.

Either way, check out the site. Conservatives will love it. Liberals will cringe. Independents will be forcibly incarcerated until they agree to vote Red next time around.

The Incessant Rant Home Page
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