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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Doh !!!

Read this article and keep a straight face and I owe you a dollar. Find no irony and I owe you my life’s savings.

The US Embassy in Yemen issued a warning to their employees and representatives suggesting that they steer clear of The Aden Hotel on New Year’s Eve.
As a result, guests and employees of the hotel decided that maybe they rather not be there that night either. Now the hotel is suing the US Embassy.

I think the Hotel Aden needs to consider the circumstances; consider such things as Yemen’s historical harboring of Fundamentalist Jihadist warriors (otherwise known as terrorist scum). The USS Cole comes to mind, as does the eight Yemeni terrorists involved in the plot to blow up the US embassy in Sanaa, as does the accidental explosion that killed two al-Qaeda operatives and led to the seizure of 650 pounds of plastic explosives from a Sanaa warehouse, as does the Kuwaiti citizen arrested for plotting the bombing of a French Oil tanker off the Yemeni coast, as do the murders of three American missionaries in a Yemeni village.

I recollect that over 100 al-Qaeda sympathizers and members were released from Yemeni prisons just last month due to their “reprogramming” and promise not to do it again. I, also, recall the Yemeni Government admitting to over 60 Million firearms in a country signicantly made up of violent prone tribal factions. The US State Department has had a travel warning for the entire damn country listed at "high" for longer than I can remember.

What a hoot.

(Incidentally, if you can't find the irony in this article I'm not worried about my life's savings. You wouldn't be able to find me either...)

Aden Hotel files suit against US Embassy
Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
January 5, 2005

The Aden hotel administration has filed a suit against the Embassy of the United States of America over its warning of not spending New Year’s Eve at the hotel because of alleged security factors.

In a statement to the Yemen Times, Fadhl al-Hilali, General Manager at Aden Hotel said the warnings of the American Embassy sparked fear among clients and made them leave the hotel. A number of workers also left the hotel fearing the warnings from the embassy.

Al-Hilali pointed out that the rumors resulted in heavy losses for the hotel and negatively affected the hotel’s reputation. It also led numerous companies to cancel their bookings at the hotel.

He mentioned that the hotel’s administration had already prepared several ceremonial programs to celebrate the occasion as other hotels all over Yemen do and that the celebration was to be sponsored by many trade companies.

“The warning period ended and nothing bad occurred, so this indicates that such rumors have no place of truth,” Al-Hilali said. “According to the filed suit, we claim a compensation worth $ US500,000.”

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