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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The European Union
(not much of a Poker player)


Threaten to create a nuclear arsenal.

Defy requests for full inspections of suspected covert weapons plants.

Provide safe harbor for a significant number of terrorist organizations and fugitives.
Provide direct support countering the infancy of democracy in neighboring Iraq.

Commit some of the most atrocious human rights abuses on the planet inclusive of ordering 5 years imprisonment and 60 lashes to an individual who had the audacity to protest human rights abuses in front of the United Nations building in Iran.

The European Union sees this as an opportunity to reward (read: placate, appease, patronize, roll over) Iran with an indirect invitation to the table of the World Trade Organization. Extortion does, indeed, pay it would appear. These same "trade talks" had been suspended back in 2003 when Iran refused to provide "snap" inspections of potential nuclear facilities. What has the EU gained since 2003 that would encourage them to restart these trade talks? Absolutely nothing…unless you count Iran's Supreme National Security Council member Hassan Rowhani stating, today, "Iran will start enriching uranium in the near future."

Meanwhile, back in the bat cave, International Atomic Energy Agency chief, Mohamed ElBaradei hasn't formed an opinion as to whether Iran is serious about acquiring nuclear weapons and delivery capabilities. Perhaps he should latch onto some of the rhetorical quotes popping up in most of the world's media outlets as delivered by ruling class and government of that country. Their intentions appear to be clear.

If this were a traditional "Good Cop/ Bad Cop" scenario, the US would be the "bad cop" as the EU took on the role of "Good cop" in an effort to gain Iran's cooperation. Unfortunately, by defying the US' position on rewarding Iran in the wake of UN sanctions still in place without anything to show for the change in policy, one could only come to the conclusion that the EU is, more likely, a "dirty cop". It seems patently clear that they continue to be more interested in personal economic gain over regional or world security.

EU resumes trade talks with Iran
January 11, 2005
ABC News

The European Union has resumed talks on a trade accord with Iran, 18 months after they were suspended due to concerns about Tehran's nuclear plans, the European Commission said.

The negotiations on a trade and cooperation agreement were restarted after the Islamic state agreed to suspend uranium enrichment in an accord thrashed out following intense pressure, notably from the United States.

But the resumption was clouded by a reported announcement from Tehran that Iran plans to resume uranium enrichment soon.

"Suspension of enrichment is for a limited period to win the confidence of the international community," Tehran's top nuclear negotiator Hasan Rowhani was quoted as saying by the student news agency ISNA.
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