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Monday, January 31, 2005

FAMS Director Thomas Quinn on his way out?

Back in December, and a couple times since, Michelle Malkin (THE "KILL-ME-FIRST DRESS CODE" DECEMBER 15, 2004 08:54 AM) has lobbed a couple “grenades” at the perceived incompetence of the Federal Air Marshal Service Director Thomas Quinn.
One such form of idiocy is a dress code of on-board marshals that, basically, says…”Hi, I’ll be your Air Marshal for today’s flight, feel free to take me out first…”

Rather than argue the legitimacy of the accusations, or the merit/detriment associated with dress codes, internal morale, and questionable policies, I’ll just point out that there appear to be steps taken recently that show an implied “no confidence.”

A special advisory board is being created to sort out the matter "immediately." Incidentally, Thomas Quinn, regardless of whether he is right or wrong has, totally, lost control of his employees. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau is stepping in to regain control, and investigate the criticism offered by the field workers.

In other words, I'd guess that ICE is dotting the “I’s” and crossing the “T’s” before sending Quinn on this way. The FAMS is not a place that you can afford poor morale and (possibly justified) indignation. Update your resume Mr. Quinn, and I’d suggest leaving El Al off the list.

ICE tightens oversight of air marshals
By Chris Strohm

A special advisory board is being created for the Federal Air Marshal Service with orders to "immediately address" ongoing disputes and problems, particularly relating to hiring policies and dress codes, Government Executive has learned.

Supporters say the board is critically needed because FAMS Director Thomas Quinn has not been able to internally resolve policy disputes that have strained relations between management and rank-and-file marshals. The Air Marshal Service places undercover agents on planes and became part of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau in the Homeland Security Department almost two years ago.

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