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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Great Satan is a Softee

With the selflessness displayed by some of the guys in the 76th Infantry Brigade of the Indiana National Guard in Afghanistan and their civilian contacts back home, we are going to have a hard time holding onto that “Great Satan” label.
They have arranged for 1-year-old Qudrat Ullah to receive life saving heart surgery at Riley’s Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. The doctors on staff have agreed to do the surgery on the house. And, in addition to setting up the logistics and overcoming the red tape, the 76th hooked up with the Greenfield, Indiana Rotary club to cover expenses over the thirty day stay.

Also, soldiers at Camp Phoenix in Kabul, Afghanistan, are working to send a five-year-old Afghan boy to the States for a surgery to repair burns received in a house fire. Our guys at Camp Phoenix have, already, pitched in to purchase the travel visas for the injured boy and his father.

They continue to make us damn proud...

U.S. medics go the extra mile to help sick children in Afghanistan
By Kevin Dougherty, Stars and Stripes
Mideast edition, Monday, January 24, 2005

KABUL, Afghanistan — A man cradling a sickly child in his arms and walking for a couple of hours to get help makes for a powerful image.

Perhaps just as inspiring is the willingness of people half a world away to step forward and save the little guy with a bad heart from certain death.

The outpouring of support “has been just amazing,” said Capt. Mike Roscoe, a physician assistant with the 76th Infantry Brigade, Indiana National Guard.

The Incessant Rant Home Page
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