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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Here we go...

Iraq’s Prime Minister suggested we keep an eye on the television in two days. Apparently, irrefutable proof is going to be offered that confirms that Iraqi insurgents (otherwise known as murderous, terrorist, bastard cretins) have been bankrolled and otherwise supported by the current government of Iran.

In fact, there is to be proof offered that some of these insurgents (otherwise known as murderous, terrorist, bastard cretins) are under direct orders of Iranian Intelligence.

The Iraqi interim-Prime Minister, Ayad Allawi mirrored the comments of Defense Minister, Hazem Shaalan and commented that they would offer up taped confessions from agents who, acting on foreign orders, were disrupting Iraq’s security.”

In other words, Iraq is about to up the ante. For the last two weeks, Allawi has been warning Syria and Iran about their support for Ba'ath party members calling the insurgency shots from their countries. This is important on two levels:

1. Iraqis have no love for their Iranian neighbors. This is well documented throughout warfare history between the two countries. Establishing a sense of Iraqi nationalism in the midst of Iraq’s current political uncertainty is a necessity to the upcoming elections. Voting is one thing. Accepting the results by the various religious based parties is quite another. Nothing unites adversaries faster than a common enemy.

2. On January 6th there will be a conference in Amman to discuss Iraq’s security. Attending will be the surrounding border countries to Iraq. That includes Iran and Syria. As Defense Minister Shaalan puts it, the goal of this conference is “to put pressure on Iran and Syria to stop supporting insurgents.” And, if Iraq gets their documentation on the airwaves to their constituents in advance they can invoke a degree is disdain to be applied appropriately.

Read about it here:

Iran attempting Shiite coup, evidence to air in two days: Iraqi DM
Sat. 1 Jan 2005
Iran Focus

Baghdad, Jan. 01 – Iraq’s Defence Minister, Hazem Shaalan, accused Iran today of attempting to “create a Safavian-style Shiite Crescent stretching from Iran all the way to Syria and Lebanon, engulfing Iraq and bringing about corruption in the country”.

In comments made to the Jordanian daily, Al-Qadr (Tomorrow), the defence chief also promised to release in the next two days footage of “taped-confessions from agents who, acting on foreign orders, were disrupting Iraq’s security”.

Mirroring previous comments Shaalan also called Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Al-Qaeda’s strongman in Iraq and Iraq’s most wanted man, an “Iranian puppet, whose goal is to destabilise security and welfare in Iraq”.

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