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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Peoples' Choice Awards said to be reinforcing Stage Joists...

In the endless parade of self-flagellation, the Peoples’ Choice Awards graces the Tube this weekend. It’s amazing to observe the flexibility of the entertainment industry. How else could you explain their ability to perform self-imposed fellatio on what seems like alternating weekends? I know. I’m usually the perfect example of decorum on this site. But, it had to be said.
It had to be said, because the buzz suggests that Michael Moore will receive the “Best Picture” award. Continuity in that announcement suggests that vulgarity in my post would create a sense of symbiotic connection. (an online racetrack where expert pundits from Associated Press, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, People, Us Weekly, In Touch, Soap Opera Weekly, Soap Opera Digest, The New York Post, Newsday, Backstage and and amateur fans gather to track who's going to win the top showbiz awards) is reporting that Moore will get the nod, and have the award delivered by Martin Sheen (make believe President in the Leftist fantasy camp NBC show “West Wing”). Moore was originally, scheduled to attend the New York Film Critics Circle event on the same night to receive, yet, another circle jerk award for the year’s best documentary. However, he cancelled his appearance. is implying that Moore has, already, been tipped off to his “Peoples’ Choice” victory.

Gosh, let’s take a look at this scenario from a few feet back. Moore consistently exhibits a persona representing misguided bloviation wrapped in a dishonest twisting, manipulation, and exploitation of, already, compromised “facts.” The public (that would be the people that, supposedly, decide on the Peoples’ Choice Awards) have conclusively subjugated Moore to his rightful role as buffoon. Yet, a “major” awards show seems to be ignoring those facts to honor such behavior.

Hollywood must be sharing a publicist with Verizon …”Can you hear me now?” ….”No”….”Can you hear me now?”…”No”…..”Can you hear me now?”….”No."

( DISCLAIMER: Should this prediction from be inaccurate…I will simply delete it later. It should be noted that tipsters to the Incessant Rant suggest that Moore has been offered the opportunity to stand on stage for the entire evening’s event provided he wears a white shirt. The current closed circuit system would not accommodate nominee clips in widescreen format.)

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