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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Rasputin Incarnate...

If you know your Russian history, then you have recollection of Grigory Rasputin. The story of Rasputin’s death is rather astonishing.

In 1916, he had gained too much prestige and influence in the opinion of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich. Rasputin was lured to Yusupovsky Palace where he was fed cakes and wine laced with poison. They had no effect on him. Prince Felix Yusupovsky, then, shot Rasputin at point blank range causing him to collapse on the floor.
Yusupovsky returned upstairs to pass on the news of Rasputin’s untimely, yet timely, demise. Upon returning to the body to confirm that it was, indeed, done, Rasputin regained consciousness and proceeded to beat the crap out of the young Prince.

Yusupovsky escaped to the upstairs portion of the palace screaming for assistance. However, when his party and he returned, Rasputin was nowhere to be found. A search of the grounds found him crawling towards the gate. Yusupovsky and his cohorts proceeded to shoot Rasputin several more times between merciless beatings. Rasputin was bound and tossed into the river. When Rasputin’s body was later recovered they found the bindings broken, and water in his lungs.

Rasputin’s resilience and robust challenge to his death are legend.

Switch forward about 94 years and meet his incarnate…sort of.

A 67 year old Bulgarian man was hospitalized on December 20th after getting hit by a car. The man was coherent and talkative just after the incident according to Col. Angel Rangelov, head of the police in the town of Plovdiv. Despite getting walloped by the car, the man seemed just a bit out of it you can assume.

Therefore, police on the scene gave him a breath test. Apparently, the reading was skewed; the officers relied on the medical facility to take a more accurate reading through a blood test. In fact, the first few readings raised a few eyebrows, so they ended up doing five (5) separate blood tests.

This 67 year old man who had been hit pretty hard by a car was talking to authorities at the scene, and in the hospital. He was doing so with a 0.914 Blood/Alcohol reading. 0.55 is usually fatal.

The man was admitted to the hospital and is in stable condition.

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