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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Run !!...Here comes the Judge..

When attending a conference on domestic and sexual violence, it’s probably a sound idea to avoid groping women while you’re there. It’s, especially, a good idea not to proceed down that path if you are a sitting Judge. District Court Judge Franklin Jones did just that. He pleaded no lo contrendre in all five (5) cases.
He had been accused of groping the breasts and buttocks of five victim advocates that worked in his courtroom. Not surprisingly, the Judge was drunk at the time.

Now the octopus wants his job back.

New Hampshire’s Judicial Conduct Committee is reviewing the matter to see if the Judge should remain suspended. Jones admits violating the state's code of conduct for judges, but his lawyers are arguing he has been punished enough.

Let's review:

1. He’s a District Court Judge
2. He makes rulings on Civil law and Criminal Law reflective of sexual assault
3. He pleaded no contest to committing five (count’em) five such offenses (albeit knocked down to misdemeanors)
4. He was/is an admitted drunk who required at least an entire month of facility rehabilitation
5. The victims of his crime(s) were employed in his own courtroom
6. He wants his job back

Why is this a difficult decision?

It should take all of 30 seconds to form a negative ruling…followed by an unmistakable exclamation point of a pointy boot to the south side of his sitting tool. That seems fair to me. In fact, it seems to me that Judge Franklin Jones had received better than he deserved in his wrist slap plea deal and sentencing. Amazingly, the Judge has supporters in the form of other women, a state senator, police officers and prosecutors.

Outrage at judge's bid to return
The Associated Press

CONCORD — A judge's bid to be reinstated after he was convicted of groping five women while drunk at a conference is sparking outrage among sexual assault victim advocates.

"This guy's asking not to pay any price for having criminally assaulted five different women," Grace Mattern, executive director of the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, said yesterday.

Rochester District Court Judge Franklin Jones grabbed the women's breasts and buttocks in May after hours during a conference on domestic and sexual violence. Jones, who has said he was drunk, knew the women because they worked as victim advocates in his courtroom. All but one of them has since left the court to work elsewhere.


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