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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Same old 'Tire'd Story?

I did a cursory Technorati search to see if anyone picked up on a buried blurb found in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel back on December 11th. However, amongst the Technorati crowd, it would appear as if the “burying” was successful. I found no blog references on these guys fresher than 42 days ago:
Michael J. Pratt
Sowande Ajumoke Omokunde
Opel E. Simmons III
Lewis Gibson Caldwell III
Lavelle Mohammad
Justin J. Howell

On Tuesday morning of the election, 27 tires on 20 cars and vans rented by the Republican Party to carry voters to the polls were slashed. The vehicles were parked in the 7100 block of W. Capitol Drive in Milwaukee. At least some of the men listed above were arrested and released in connection with the crimes. Michael J. Pratt, you will recall, is the son of former acting Mayor Marvin Pratt. Sowande Omokunde is the son of newly elected US Rep. Gwen Moore (Dem/WI).

The blurb pointed out that Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney David Feiss has hit a snag in the case. Who’s surprised? Apparently, it will take an unspecified period of time to hunt down and interview potential witnesses in the case because they are out of state. And, not surprisingly, the Assistant District Attorney could not give a projected time frame for the filing of charges. He could give no approximations on the time frame for witness interviews one month prior to this “revelation” either.

However, the fact that witnesses in the matter are, predominantly available outside the state, could indicate potential involvement of those lovely 527’s and the voter registration millhouses that inundated the state. Again, who’s surprised?

Will this case get the attention it deserves? Will the prosecutor make the case a priority? Or, will it slowly fade away until four years from now, someone with a good memory asks, “Say, what ever happened with those guys that sliced the van tires up there in Wisconsin last election?”

One more question…the involvement of out of state witnesses, and the alleged participation of, at least, one out-of-state Democratic activist (Opel E. Simmons III) suggests violations of Federal Statutes. Why isn’t the FBI working the witness interviews? Wouldn’t that speed up the perceived delays?

You can take in the “Blurb” from December 11th right here:

Tire-slashing inquiry slowed, prosecutor says
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Dec. 11, 2004

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