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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Something's Fishy

January 27, 2005
Nicaraguan fisherman chokes on live fish while joking with friends

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) - A man who joked to friends that he would eat a fish live choked to death when the creature squirmed and lodged in his throat, police and coroner's officials said Thursday.

Police said the incident occurred when Jose Angel Torres Padilla, 22, was fishing with friends on Monday in the municipality of Dario, about 70 kilometres north of the capital.

Police said the man's friends told them he had put the fish in his mouth, joking that he was going to eat it live. But the fish squirmed and slipped down his throat.

Benito Lindo, coroner for the provincial capital of Matagalpa, told The Associated Press by telephone that doctors conducting an autopsy had found a fish in the man's throat.

1. I’ve never thought sushi was a good idea
2. Elton John could have handled it
3. Probably one of the most ironic forms of Darwinism ever
4. Survival of the fittest is inclusive of intellectual prowess
5. Last words…. “Watch this.”
6. Last words of friends he was trying to impress… “Beer me.”
7. Also recovered during the autopsy, 4 army men, 3 marbles, and a GI Joe action figure.
8. Deceased’s most famous college prank attempt…trying to fit 12 students into a shoebox (failed)
9. Wasn’t cured
10. Too bad one of his friends wasn’t a sturgeon.
I figure on going to Hell due to this post...which shouldn't be all too bad since I will know a lot of people there. Most of my friends are lawyers...

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